Your air conditioner plays a crucial role in keeping the air healthy and providing a comfortable temperature throughout the year. While the home renovation is an exciting project that can entirely transform your home, the dust and debris it creates can be spread throughout the house and cause damage to your HVAC system. To protect your air conditioner during remodeling you will have to take some precautionary steps before demolition and building begins. Air Conditioning Repair in Houston Texas near you has the skills and expertise you will need during your home renovation. We are a fully licensed HVAC repair and service company with highly qualified staff that can offer you the best, comprehensive air conditioning services for all brands of equipment during home renovations that include:

  • Air conditioning services
  • Furnace and Heating services
  • HVAC maintenance services
  • Light installations
  • Cleaning and repair services

While renovations are underway your air conditioner should be given extra attention to protect it from contaminants like dirt and debris that could cause a blockage in the system. Here are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of damage to your HVAC system:


Planning for the Renovation well ahead of time

When planning for your renovation you should include precautionary measures to protect your heating and cooling system while the work is in progress. The first thing you should do is contact AC Man Houston to send out a professional technician to advise you on the best way to protect your heating and cooling equipment. This includes whether the extent of your renovations will necessitate a change to your air conditioning layout and the repercussions of having to replace a conduit among others. Having the correct answers to these questions will avoid getting into messy situations that could result in significant damage and extra costs to have it rectified.

Turn off the Air Conditioning System While Work is in Progress

The HVAC system should be turned off while work is underway. If the air conditioning unit is left running it causes dust and dirt to be circulated throughout the house and if larger particles are pulled into the system it could damage the equipment.

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Cover the Vents and close the Registers

One of the best ways to prevent dirt and debris from entering the air conditioning system is to cover the vents and close the registers in the work zones while work is going on. This will prevent large particles from accumulating in the duct system which increases the risk of permanent damage to the equipment. However, not all the vents in the house should be covered as this will hinder the free circulation of air in the home.

Carry out Messy Work in a Different Location

Home renovation involves a significant amount of debris and waste from building activities that can be very harmful to your HVAC system. You should plan to have a designated area outside the home where all messy work can be carried out far away from your air conditioning units.  Utilizing an outside space will reduce the amount of general construction waste from entering the air and being pulled into the air conditioning units. At AC Man Houston in Houston Texas, our friendly and well-trained staff know the importance of maintaining a clean air conditioning system during remodeling projects and are fully equipped to prevent any damage to your valuable system.

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Keep the Work Area Clean

During renovations dust and debris will quickly accumulate and if the area should be cleaned regularly to keep it as dust-free as possible. This will prevent the air filters in the air conditioning unit from getting clogged with dirt and dust which will affect the efficiency of the system. It can also be dangerous to run an air conditioner with a blocked air filter.

Have a Professional Duct Cleaning done after the renovation work has been completed.

It is essential to have your AC system thoroughly cleaned by experts after the renovation is complete. AC Man Houston in Houston Texas is proud to offer you quality customer service and you can trust our technicians to do a thorough cleaning of your ducts and a general service of your entire HVAC system after the renovations have been done. A clean air conditioning unit will ensure proper circulation of clean, healthy air and a system that operates at optimal efficiency.

Change the Air Filters Frequently

Because home renovation can be a lengthy process it may become necessary to check and replace the filters in the HVAC system if the work carries on for an extended period of time. This will ensure that the air circulated throughout your home is always clean and healthy. In any case, the filters should be changed after the renovation has been completed as a matter of course. 

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Post-Renovation Maintenance

If you have followed all the above steps during your renovation project, your air conditioning unit will be in great shape. However, you should plan to have regular HVAC maintenance done post-renovation to ensure that your air conditioning unit is providing you and your family with a comfortable environment throughout the year. The AC Man Houston is an HVAC professional contractor. At AC Man Houston in Houston Texas, we offer post-renovation maintenance services at an affordable cost and are always available, even during the busy summer season to keep your HVAC system working well. Call AC Man Houston today at (713) 460-2653 or leave a text message. We are available 24/7 and one of our renovations experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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