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We rarely hear of news that someone is deliberately destroying supply chain security, because once these jobs are discovered, the military quickly categorizes them. Congress has held numerous hearings meetings on supply chain security issues, and the U.S. government has repeatedly taken measures to restrict Chinese companies from trading with the United States.

Nevertheless, Bloomberg reporters insisted that six senior national security officials, both present and past, argued against the company’s denials, and described the discovery of these chips and the government’s investigation process, which began during the Obama period and continued during the Trump period.¡±

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On the morning of Oct. 4, Seattle Rainier, who had worked in the security industry, also wrote that Bloomberg’s allegations were flawed.

After a few days of settling down, the Bloomberg news story is likely to be an Oolong event of a casual worker rush nature. The “wonderful point” is to squeeze China, the United States, Apple and Amazon, which were named in the article, into a dilemma. “There is no reason to doubt Amazon’s and Apple’s clarifications at this stage,” the UK government communications headquarters said in a statement, which the US Department of Homeland Security echoed yesterday.

However, no matter whether it is clarified or not, who will clarify it, it cannot be eliminated that conspiracy theorists believe that the two distort the facts for the sake of national security and that the divergence of clarifications will give rise to further suspicion of events, but it is believed that more and more people with a clear eye will see the truth. Facts speak louder than words.

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“When the product can reach tens of millions of levels of planning (TSMC manufacturing is expensive, it can take back the cost as long as the self-planning chips have a huge market to support), the sound chip vendors will have a great opportunity to plan their own AI chips,” said Koo Zhike, director of the Institute of Information and Communication at the Institute of Industry and Research.

These companies have fierce customer demand for chips and do not have to listen to orders to Intel, Qualcomm, and MTK. That is to say,  sound chip designers in Taiwan may become “sedan bearers” in the future. When IC designers send brand customers to the “altar”, customers are likely to pat their butts and leave directly from the AI chip planning team. Voice IC planners will directly lose these customers who order “tens of millions” in the future.

In contrast, the impact of voice IC designers in China is not so large. “There are enough system brand companies in China to support voice IC planners in the basic shopping malls and do tests in the shopping malls,” Mr. Koo pointed out. ¡°But for Taiwan plants, it has been hard enough to retain their original strength, which is the dilemma of the entire industry.¡±

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It has to say that Apple’s chip design trend is perfect at the forefront of the times, open communications business very well, and establish its leading position perfectly in the mobile phone industry. Many mobile phone manufacturers have followed suit, and also opened a new situation for the future of the mobile phone industry.

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