Six Things to Note when choosing the best Digital Agency for Your Business

There are literally millions of web design firms in the world today providing a wide array of options to choose from for the digital needs of your business. It also can present a challenge as to which of these companies is right for you. How do you decide which digital agency is best for your business? There are important points you need to consider when making this decision and below are six tips of those points. 

Your Business Needs

This is the very first thing to consider. Why are you seeking the services of a digital agency? Do you want to create an online presence for your business? Do you already have an online presence but want to increase your visibility? Are you looking to generate more leads or boost more sales? Are you looking to improve your reputation? These and similar questions are what you need to provide clear answers to first.

After you have, contact a couple of digital agencies and ask for proposals from them. It is best that you contact them via phone as you get to clearly explain what you expect from them. If not possible, email is okay too. Contacting these agencies gives you an opportunity to evaluate their customer service.

Tip: Ensure that the proposals you get from all your prospective digital agencies are balanced in functionality. The reason for this is so that you can make an equal comparison amongst the proposal. 

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Which CMS to Use

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a smart system that allows you to create and manage the digital content on your website. There are many great CMS’s out there. Find out from your potential digital website agencies which CMS they offer. Perhaps you have a favorite CMS like Shopify or WordPress, or you will prefer to continue to use your current CMS. Either way, it is important to be sure of which CMS is available as your ideal system will be determined by your business objectives, budget, and current disappointments. 

Tip: When your digital agency offers only one CMS, it is usually in their best interest, not yours. So do not simply take their word for it as being the best, get an unbiased recommendation.

Your Budget

It goes without saying that you should know your budget. Importantly, you need to inform your potential agencies too so that they can recommend an ideal system for your business. The point of this is not to provide you will less quality service if you are deemed unwilling to spend, but to find out the ideal functionality and system that your financial strength can bear while keeping you competitive.  

Tip: Your budget should include future requirements as this could save you a lot of money in the future. This provides a solid base for your site. For this reason, then, any plans you have should be disclosed to your agency. Do you intend to sell products online in the future? Do you intend to register customers and shareholders? Let them know so they can plan for it accordingly. 

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Ongoing Investments

Websites are dynamic and it takes more to have a website than getting it designed. Your website needs a domain name and has to be hosted to function. Besides that, there are other services that you will need to make your website fully functional. For instance, an SSL and (probably) a CDN is required for eCommerce sites to operate. Email campaigns and continuous SEO work is needed if you are trying to grow your business. If you will be using a WordPress CMS, you will need to consider regular software updates. These and other ongoing investments are things you need to consider with your potential digital agency.

Tip: On the issue of updates for WordPress website, it is very important that your digital agency add software updates for all plugins, your Theme, and the CMS. Failure to do this will expose your website to malicious use. This is very important. Your agency has to manage your WordPress updates, not you.

The Digital Services you need

Service offered by digital agencies differ, it is not a one size fits all cases. For this reason, you need to state exactly what you need and do not need. Are you looking to brand, or is another agency taking care of that? What about your Google Adwords account, who is managing it? Are you looking to integrate your website with an existing system? What about SEO? Who will be in charge of website updates? These important things need to be taken care of. 

Tip: Likely, there are services you are not aware of so ask your agency to recommend any additional useful services. There may be new services that are an upgrade of what you have in mind and will increase your efficiency. 

Personal Connections

The last thing you will think of when choosing a digital agency is the opportunity to make friends. However, it is important that you use an agency that you connect with us you will be dealing extensively with the people at your new agency- or at least, find an agency that shares your value.

Tip: One of the ways to get a cool agency is through referrals. Another way is through beautifully designed websites. When you see a site you love, find out the digital agency behind it and contact them to see if they can help.

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Location is not Important

These days, location of a digital agency is becoming almost irrelevant, as these agencies have developed efficient ways to serve their clients. Many works remotely thereby reducing costs and travel time. Many companies, like Discount Domain, have clients based outside the country, even continents that they are based and they continue to render top-notch services and support to these clients. 

Tip: The reason for the location being almost irrelevant is that there is the possibility of the issue of differing time zones. In this regard, you need to ascertain that your digital agency will heed the call for help whenever it is needed.

Go over these points with potential digital companies and get their feedback. These feedbacks will help you determine which agency is the best for you. Good luck. We hope you find the perfect match!


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