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The communication department is still going through an evolution process to embrace change in the world of technology. In the past, you had to look for a tangible fax machine which was quite cumbersome. With Gmail as an example of a Google product, you can now enjoy an affordable, reliable, fast, and flexible ways of receiving and sending Fax from windows 10.

But, how does it work? Follow these simple steps;


Create a Gmail Account

If you already own a Gmail account with online fax service, this is where Google fax free comes in. Not only do these third-party services authenticate fax functions in Gmail, but they also allow easier access to advanced features. The result is a free online fax number which you will use every other time.

Get an online fax service

Once you have activated your account, look for an active online fax service provider to synchronize your email address. Thereafter, you will be able to send and receive your faxes. Remember, you can go for either a local number or a toll-free Google fax number. By all means, settle on the one that suits your business specifications.

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That said, more people are coming out in full support of this product owing to a number of benefits that awaits them. Find out the benefits of using a Gmail fax free product.

No Fax Machine required

As mentioned earlier, Gmail faxing prevents you from buying a fax machine. You are only required to fulfill two obligations; set up a Gmail account and find a trustworthy online fax provider. If you are lucky, your provider can allow you to send free faxes for one month.

File Format Conversion

Do want the best experience whereas file format conversion is concerned. Rely on Gmail to convert images into the most decent format you want. Unlike ordinary fax machines, you are not restricted to rigid images. Furthermore, it allows you to convert images to pdf format if you want to print photos or store them for further use in your personal computer or smartphone. It is no wonder most users appreciate the automatic conversion of images as a special feature that is lacking in fax machines.

Precise and high-quality content

Faxing has never been easier and perfect thanks to Gmail faxing services. Now, it will preserve your document’s original version with magnificent clarity. Both the sender and the recipient will obtain the document as it is; minus any alterations since the scanning process has been wiped off.

Portable Faxing Services

Life is too complicated to walk around with a faxing machine from one office to another. Fortunately, this service assures you of portability. Consequently, everyone can send and receive faxes using their smartphones no matter where they are situated. Be prepared to receive a notification each time you receive a fax.

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If you go for free faxing, you will save on cost and time taken commuting between the office and home.

Flexible Faxing Services

Supposing your boss asks you to send a section of the document, rather than the whole of it. How will you go about it? Gmail allows you to print the part you are interested in, unlike the old machine that won’t allow you to separate any of it. This will save you the time and money since you have the chance to view it before sending or printing so that you can filter out what you don’t need.

Parting Shot

Life has never been made easier thanks to the advancement in technology. The computer is a good example of digital advancement that has made it possible to interact in the shortest time possible. Now, it is possible for you to interact with your friends no matter where they are. As mentioned earlier, you can land on the product after creating an account and coming to terms with a reputable fax provider. Take advantage of the ones offering free services to save you on cost and time. Thereafter, you can enjoy the product through your phone or computer no matter where you are.

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