You must have seen the game of Thrones season. If yes! Then in the first season, you have seen Khal Drogo. Have you noticed the style of his beard? You can see that there is a bead attached to his beard. It is called beard jewelry. You must be thinking are you serious! Yes, it is jewelry called bead used in Viking age. Men also use these beads in these days. Well! As for me, I do not have that long beard to wear any bead. You can check viking beard beads and can explore the different designs of it. Nowadays, these beads are worn by:

  • Motorcycle club members with long beards.
  • Longbeard dudes from old-school
  • Obviously by the Viking dudes who raided England
  • Also, the Egyptian pharaoh’s wear beard jewelry.


What Is Exactly Beard Jewelry

Most of the people who are interested in historical kinds worn these kinds of jewelry. It means that the beads they wore in their beard are actually from the real Vikings of Scandinavia. Thanks to the famous TV show; The Vikings, it has been very famous among the people. When we talk about history, we cannot find enough history of the Vikings as there is not any written history about them. Not only the Vikings but also the Germanic tribes wear plates of metal, beads, and rings in their beards.

Some of the Famous Viking Beads

CooB Unique Beard Beads

CooB is unique hand-crafted facial hair bead and is very much expensive. But people still like and buy them instead of their high price. There are many cool designs available to choose from. There are almost 45 different kinds of designs manufactured. It is available in different styles such as Darth Vader, pirate skulls, beaded skull, mini samurai, etc. Every bead is made up of bronze metal and cast with a method of vacuum-casting. Regardless of the method of manufacturing them, in the end, you have a beautiful and unique bead. The important thing to keep in your mind is that you need a nice long beard to wear the beads. Moreover, if your dressing suits the bead then it will look nicer on you.

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Norse Tradesman Viking Rune Beads

You can purchase this bead from the Amazon online. It is made up of metal alloy and available in 25 pieces. Moreover, this bead has a longer hole compared to other competitors on the market. Which makes it easy to attach to your facial hair. Another important thing is that the beads are lightweight. Each trinket is just weighed six grams. The design is old fashioned and hence it is unpolished and rugged.

Hanpabum Viking Style Beard Rings

These beads are the same as the Norseman beads. The best thing about them is that they are lightweight, cheap and small in size. When it comes to the design, it also based on the 24 different Elder Futhark Rune alphabets. The material used to make these beads is a metal alloy which is quite durable. Quality-wise, they are not as best as the Cobb but they are cheaper.

Steps to Attach Beads to Your Facial Hair

Well, attaching is not very difficult just follow the following steps:

  • Apply silicon band around the hair of your beard where you want to attach the bead. Normally, two loops are enough.
  • After that take a long string and fold it and then pull the ends of the string through the hole of the bead.
  • Moreover, you will see that now you are able to form a larger loop from the string.
  • In the next step, pull the tip of your bread through the loop and keep it folded.
  • Just pull the loop and the bead will stay in your beard.
  • In the last step, slide the bead towards the silicone ring.
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Well! The beads are not very famous among all the men. As some men will feel like an old-fashioned guy. Only a small percentage of men are willing to use the bead in their beard. Some of the men find it ridiculous to wear a bead in their beard. But the men who want to wear it can buy any of the above-mentioned beads according to their budget.

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