Electrical Fault Finding

Electricians are known for finding electrical faults in your home or work place. There are times when the situation becomes quite challenging, especially during problem of production pressure. The downtime is way too expensive and can be a disgrace to the reputation of your business, disappointing your valuable customers. Almost every electrician is trained in electrical appliance testing services in Tasmania, both in commercial and residential properties in Tasmania. Their experience and skills make the job of fault finding as easy as cutting a cake. In this blog, you will find almost all information on electrical faults.

Electrical fault finding is a secret art of being a detective to identify and analyse various clues and circumstances together solving the puzzle to find the root cause of the accident. At times, the task is smooth and simple as in case of identifying a visual fault. However, there are situations resulting in potential challenges for the technician, as in an internal fault.

Most common electrical faults

Short Circuit

Electricity always wants to get back to its root supply source. For this, it always seeks the shortest path. When that path is provided, it results in a short circuit. It can be neutral, to earth or between two different phases. A short circuit is a completely visible fault as the circuit breaker or Residual Current Device trips as soon as the excessive amount of electricity passes through the circuit.

Open Circuit

An open circuit is resulted from a situation when the circuit is incomplete. During open circuit, electrical equipment connected to the circuit will stop working. It can be a hazardous situation as several conductors are possibly exposed somewhere nearby. If it happens in a residential property, you might find all your RCDs and circuit breakers switched on but a specific power point goes out of order.

Incorrect Polarity

Incorrect polarity is not a natural fault but a situation resulted when a person wires something wrong. This suggests that the wires are not at the right place as they should be. In your home, there might be a scenario when the appliance plugged in to a specific power point directs backwards. It is termed as active-neutral transposition. An earth-neutral transposition can be highly dangerous, turning all your taps and water pipes live.

Poor Insulation

Have you ever heard your electrician saying the circuit has gone “down to earth”? This doesn’t imply the circuit has started doing yoga or is humble, rather indicates poor insulation that has lowered to an unacceptable position. Electrical insulation is the restricting mark between live parts and earth. The moment it breaks, there is a short circuit experienced. In your home, you might experience the same situation as in time of a short circuit.

The best way adapted by electricians for fault finding in electrical appliances testing and tagging in Tasmania

. It is an effective process which helps detect any fault in the appliances at your home or office

 Effective ways to save money

  • Fault finding can seldom be expensive. You can try a few tips to save on an electrician and manage the costs:
  • Maintain a proper timeline of incidents resulting to the fault.
  • Don’t place your assumptions before the electrician, Share only facts with him.
  • In case of an internal issue, keep an update of each condition during the fault.
  • Keep a written record of things or processes your fridge technician or plumber has carried out.

These steps can come as help for your electrician, while finding the fault as there are situations when clues are not sufficient but facts.

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