Gaming Headphone - Choose the best one

Gaming Headphone – Choose the best one

If you are using a cheap gaming headphone then enjoying your favorite game can become a challenge for you. You will most probably be quite angry due to the low and poor quality of headset.

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A great headset will not enhance your gaming experience, but it also increases your performance at your favorite game. Most important features of a good quality headphone would be its ability to cancel the unpleasant sounds through active sound cancelling. It should have high comfort level, excellent microphone and of course should be in your budget.

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You have might read countless articles to find out the best headset for yourself, but to no avail. We have listed down our choice of the best headsets so that you don’t have to waste your time in searching for the best one

Turtle Beach

Confused about which wireless headset to get or which to reject? You might want a gaming headphone that gives you superhuman hearing with excellent microphone monitoring with 15 hours long battery life.

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Turtle beach headset is 100 % wireless. This lets you experience clear and free of in game and chat interference with easy connectivity. You will be able to gain an upper hand from your enemies by knowing their moves due to superhuman hearing. This enables you to hear all the guns being reloaded and grenades being thrown.

Turtle Beach - Gaming Headphone
Turtle Beach – Gaming Headphone

If you are tired of shouting, you will not face that problem with its excellent microphone monitoring feature. This feature is so amazing that you can even hear the sound of your own voice. It has incredible and accurate quality of sound. It has long battery life of 15 hours so it is long enough to support your long hours of gaming. This attractive headset and is perfect for Skype.


  • It has auto shutdown feature which cannot be disabled
  • Its ear-cup may be undersized for some users
  • It is not the best option for those who wear glasses

Logitech G230

This gaming headset is specially designed for gaming to deliver a good quality stereo sound which is great for long hours of gaming sessions. It has plenty of bass and good for first shooter games like CS. It is light in weight and comfortable. It has high quality stereo sound which enables you to hear everything happens around you, from a bomb exploding to a pin dropping. You will hear all the minute details in the sound which is not only rich and refreshing, but also clear because it has powerful 40mm neodymium driver.

Logitech G230 - Gaming Headphone
Logitech G230 – Gaming Headphone

It has on cable sound controls feature which provides quick access to the hands for sound adjustment. Cable length is enough to let you position it to your own accord. Say bye to those distracting background noises with its noise cancelling feature. Its ear cups are designed in such a way to give your ears maximum comfort. This great headset has washable and durable covers. It is slim to give you a more natural fit.


  • It is bulky and big
  • It has permanent mounted cable
  • It is not ideal for listening to music

Whether you like to listen to music or game, a good gaming headphone can elevate your experience fourfold. If you have any recommendations, do let us know

Maybe you should update your gears to better quality and a more suitable support headset, which also helps make your gaming experiences more pleasant and avoid hurting your ears with the wrong type of listening devices.

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