How to set up room for T.V watching

It becomes challenging when you have to set the room with a TV. Most of us reside where our rooms are used for multiple purposes. In that case, accommodating a big screen becomes difficult. If you have a sectional facing screen with spaces like a screening room, then it is perfect. You must have a dark wall and ceiling as that create more contrast for the images and the picture appears to be crisper and cleaner. The emphasis is taken off the screen when the TV moves to another focal point. Some more points of TV setup are mentioned in this article.


Ways to the setup TV room

  • In some cases, the furniture arrangement made in such a manner that TV doesn’t dominate the room. But you must place TV next to the focal point so that it becomes easy to have a good view from all the available seatings and you can experience a clear view of the TV.
  • If you live alone or consider watching TV solely, then a beautiful screen and a comfy chair are all you need. You can swap your chair or day bed for making the room comfortable for two. You will have a simple and private space for watching TV.
  • When your TV room will serve both as a place to socialize as well as a little corner for the screen then a corner media center is the best way to organize. You can put the TV on an adjustable stand which offers a view to both sofas and the dining room table.
  • You can place the TV on a wall with a white set up. Such a setting will provide style and comfort. Besides that, you can have a collection of furnitures like footstools, chair, couch, and a daybed so that it serves various purposes. If you have this setting, then it could be understood that this setup will entertain guests easily.
  • While choosing and positioning both furniture and TV in the room, you can consider sight lines. You can have a comfortable view from the couch. Even if the TV is positioned a bit higher then also it is best placed for viewing.
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Which TV to consider?

Hisense VS TCL TV

After discussing various ways of positioning TV, it comes about choosing the best TV. These descriptions of Hisense Vs TCL TV will helptochoose which one is the best TV for you. 

Hisense TV

You can opt for Hisense TV if you are a gamer as it has a unique game mode. It enables you to have a fun gaming experience without much difficulty. It has 720p resolution and a full array of LED backlighting due to which you can view great image and that too uniformly. If you are looking for a TV in your budget, then you can go for Hisense 32H3E from Hisense TVs. This TV is considered as best if you want to place it in your office or just want it for playing games. It is highly energy efficient and is available in various sizes, so it is suitable even for smaller rooms.

The Hisense 32H3E specs support popular functions which are essential for gaming like game mode, audio return channel and USB media player. As it has several convenient ports that allow you to connect the TV to multiple devices. Suppose you want to create a home audio system then you will get help from the audio return channel for reducing the number of cables that you need to connect the receiver from the TV to other connected devices like Blu-ray player.


TCL is another good option for TV. It provides great value in the past few years. Among lots of TCL TVs, TCL 55R617 could be considered for your room as it has a smaller screen size than that of 6-series. The best feature of this TV is that it comes with LED display technology along with NBP Photon technology. Due to which it provides a wide range of color gamut so you can enjoy rich and accurate color details. Thus, you can enjoy a brilliant picture quality.

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You can enjoy smooth, fast motion images of movies and sports. The Roku TV which is considered a smart TV platform can provide premium entertainment from other range of TCL TVs. In this TV you can enjoy fast and stable internet connection and dual-band wireless attached to a TV. Along with that, you get a voice-enabled remote control that allows you to control the TV more conveniently using your voice. The speaker system of the TCL TVs is primary with a good speaker system. You can always prefer it for the TV space in your office or at home.


Now you know the different ways of arranging the space for TV watching. Though the methods of organizing the area might change according to your preference. But you must consider your needs and the people who are going to watch the TV and arrange the space accordingly.

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