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Moving is not always about bustle, stress, and anxiety. All you need to do to make this process go off without a hitch is to devise a plan and stick to it. Prior planning is essential, especially when it comes to such a daunting process. Here is a step-by-step guide to your simple move.

6 Weeks Before

The experts say it’s always better to start early. At this stage, you should ask around and choose a reliable moving company. Invite a company representative to your place to have the cost of your move estimated. Find out their services and prices. Consider hiring a professional packer to pack your valuables and fragiles.

5 Weeks Before

It’s time to decide which things deserve to be moved and which ones you’ll sell, give away, or donate. Be sensible and ruthless while sorting your belongings. Keep in mind that the less you pack, the less you’ll have to unpack at your new place.

4 Weeks Before

Buy or get all the necessary packing supplies a month prior to a moving day. You’ll need boxes (a lot of them), packing tape, wrapping material, labels, etc. It’s better to purchase more than you think you need. You can always return extra supplies. It’s reasonable to get the used boxes from a grocery or bookstore.

3 Weeks Before

At this stage, start packing the items you use rarely. Pack heavy things into small boxes and bulky but lightweight items into the large ones. To keep track of the boxes and its contents, label each box with a number and specify the contents of each numbered box on your inventory list. Use color stickers to mark the boxes. Use one color for a particular room so that the movers know where the boxes of a particular color should go. Also, consider hiring a cleaning company to have your both places prepared for a move-out and move-in.

2 Weeks Before

Devise a strategy according to which you’ll pack the rest of your belongings (by room or by type). This is the time to change your address and notify your post office, bank, and a credit-card company. Head on down to the Cornerstone post office and find out what you need to do to update everything.

1 Week Before

Contact your movers once again and prepare all the necessary moving papers. Choose the things that you’ll need during the nearest days and pack the rest. Remember to leave a few boxes to pack those things at the last minute. Put your necessities into a separate box and take it with you in your car.

Moving Day

Before the movers arrive, check each room (don’t forget about the storage areas) to make sure everything is packed. Ask somebody from your family or friends to be at your new place when the movers come in order to facilitate the unloading process.

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