How to Find Your Lost Phone?

How to Find Your Lost iPhone?

Losing an iPhone can never be a fancy dream. On top of it, Apple’s proprietary settings make it even harder to detect an iPhone. Sometimes, this proves to be a hassle for the users themselves. To make it easier for you, we have summed up the steps to find a lost iPhone.

How to Find Your Lost Phone (iPhone)?
How to Find Your Lost Phone (iPhone)?
  • Find My iPhone

You can either open Find My iPhone on some other device or simply open it in the iCloud in the web browser.

  • Sign in with an Apple ID

Sign in with the Apple ID which you use in your phone. Of course, when you do the procedure in someone else’s phone, you will have to sign out of the existing account and do the sign in with your account.

  • Tap Your iPhone

It will be enlisted in the list of devices and the phone’s location will appear on the map. In case, the phone is switched off, the map will show the last location when the phone was turned on.


  • Click on the Action button which is displayed on the bottom side of the screen in center alignment.
  • Choose “Play Sound” button which is displayed on the lower left corner of the screen. In case your phone is around, you will get to know by its music.
  • Choose Lost Mode which is displayed on the lower bottom center of the screen.You can choose this option in case your phone has been stolen.
  • After choosing the option, you can enter the unlock code and use a number which does not indicate anything about you such as do not include birthdate, license number, card details etc.
  • In case your phone is online, it switches to the online mode. After this, you cannot use the phone unless it is unlocked with the code.
  • In case, you phone is not online, it will get locked after power-up. Once done, you will get a notification in the mail.
  • You can always keep your data stored on iCloud to keep a backup.

Apart from this, there are various iPhone applications that can help you track your phone. Also, keeping yourself up to date always helps in its better maintenance. Below we have summed up the steps on how to update an iOS platform.

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Maintain a backup: You can always keep your data stored on the iCloud. This will keep your data protected even in the worst scenarios.

Settings: Go to settings option in your menu. Generally, it is a plain icon in grey colour with wheels printed on the icon design.

Software Update: The smooth navigation system of iOS will not keep you hovering for long. As soon as you open the settings option, you will see the option, “software update”.

Download: It will be the top most option and after clicking on it, you get options like, “Download and Install” or just “Install”.

Passcode: It will ask for your passcode for the security purposes. Hence, enter your passcode there to start your phone again. Some updates demands the phone setup again which calls for a timely update of backup.


How to Find a Lost Android Phone?

A stolen phone is pain in the belly. While finding stolen Android phone, the first step should be to start the process as soon as possible. These days, the phones can be tracked and found with the help of some reliable Android application also. Many of these apps vary a lot while using in the practical terms. Some of them even demand your phone to be connected to the internet.

How to Find Your Lost Phone (Android)?
How to Find Your Lost Phone (Android)?

Google Device Manager

  • Google Device Manager is a trusted and tried tool to find your missing Android phone. You can use it on your computer which should be connected to the internet. Open Chrome browser and log in to your Google account. There you need to type, “Where is my phone”.
  • After you have mentioned your concern here, the Device Manager will start tracking your phone. After the tracking, it will show the location and accuracy range of your device. With this much information, you will be able to make an idea about your device’s location.
  • It’s only after this step; you can safeguard your personal data with the “lock” button. This way, you can also set password to keep your data guarded.
  • After the device is locked, you can choose to ring the device to track it in the nearby location.
  • If you are unable to find the phone after all the trials, you can choose to erase the complete data from it.

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There are other things which you must consider while dealing with the Android Device Manager. Like any other convenience, Android Device Manager is not free from any ailments. In case your phone is stolen and the screen is not locked, you cannot do anything with Android Device Manager to protect your data.

Thanks to the updated smartphone versions that, finding your phone is not a hassle anymore. Also, keeping your phone settings up to date will keep everything in place.

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