Regular cleaning of the house is a necessary procedure to maintain the aesthetic purity of the room and the health of its inhabitants. Fine dust, dirt, pathogenic bacteria, which we bring from the street without even noticing it, can seriously harm us. However, if there is also a pet in your house (parrots, fish, and turtles don`t count), then you face another difficulty – pet fur. Fur accumulates very quickly, especially during the molting period, clings to clothing, furniture, carpets.

 Every dog or cat owner knows how difficult it is to get rid of pet hair. But this should be done regularly for health reasons. Soft and harmless at first glance, fur can cause allergies, which is especially dangerous for people with weakened immune systems and young children. A vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue, but not everyone can do an excellent job with pet hair. The Roomba manufacturer of vacuum cleaners offers to our attention a few models to deal with dirt and hair.


Fifth Place – Roomba 606 and Roomba 676 

At the moment, seven models are represented in the Roomba vacuum cleaners line. Each of them is distinguished by effective cleaning and fully autonomous work, but, unfortunately, not everyone is capable of thoroughly removing the pollution, especially such complicated one as pet hair. Roomba 606 and Roomba 676 are the very first vacuum cleaners of the company that started its history. They, like the rest of the models, work autonomously, recharge themselves from a special station and use a three-step cleaning system, lifting, collecting and sucking garbage. However, later models have already made great strides forward and surpass the Roomba 606 and 676 in many respects. Unfortunately, these robots are less powerful, discharged faster and don`t use many modern technologies to collect complex debris such as fur. They are still effective and perfect for use in a small apartment without carpets and pets but will do worse with more complex tasks. 

Fourth Place – Roomba e5 

The Roomba e5 vacuum cleaner is generally very similar to the models 606 and 676 in its characteristics, but it has several competitive additions. Firstly, this vacuum cleaner copes better with hair thanks to the addition of rollers that collect hair and prevent it from being wound on parts of the vacuum cleaner that are not designed for this, which can lead to breakage. Secondly, e5 also has rollers with a unique tread, which provides more thorough cleaning. It`s also worth noting that this is one of the last Roomba models, which gives owners the opportunity to clean the dust collector underwater. In all other respects, the e5 has a modest price, isn`t very different from previous vacuum cleaners, and just like them is suitable for standard cleaning, but can cope with pet hair a little bit better. 

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Third Place – Roomba 960  

With each new model, manufacturers made improvements in the work of their vacuum cleaners. If the first three vacuum cleaners were reliable, but still had some significant flaws in the work, then the next unit Roomba 960 can be called a breakthrough in technology. This time, the power of the vacuum cleaner battery will be enough to clean the entire floor of the house, and not a few small rooms. We remember that it takes up to 6 hours to recharge the vacuum cleaner, so much improved energy consumption is on benefit for each user. The vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with both dust, small debris, and clingy pet hair due to the function of the detection of the most polluted places. At such points, the device increases the effort and runs longer and more thoroughly. Like the model e5, the vacuum cleaner 960 is equipped with rollers with protection from winding up the hair. We consider this vacuum cleaner to be a better hair cleaning model due to its enhanced battery.

Second Place – Roomba i7 and i7+   

We decided to give the second place in our rating to i7 and i7+ vacuum cleaners. Possessing the same powerful battery, a three-stage cleaning system, they, just like Roomba e5, allow the owners to rinse the dust collector underwater, easily cope with hair thanks to anti-winding rollers and rollers with the protector. These vacuum cleaners are the only ones from the entire line that have Imprint Smart Mapping technology for constructing a map of the house, which helps the robots better orientate in space and therefore better clean any debris. We remember that pet hair is dangerous not only because of a non-aesthetic appearance, but also because it can cause allergies. These models of vacuum cleaners have a HEPA-Style filter that cleans the air and keeps the finest dust up to 1 micron in size. A three-stage AeroForce system for cleaning allows the robots to increase the power of work up to ten times in the most polluted places. i7 and i7 + are an excellent option for pet owners since the vacuum cleaners guarantee long-term operation, an accurate result in both cleaning dust and pet hair, plus you can be sure that even the air in your home is clean and safe. 

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First Place – Roomba 981 

And finally, we consider the Roomba 981 vacuum cleaner to be the leader of our rating. Certainly, with all the advantages of previous vacuum cleaners, this unit copes best with hair, pet fur, and carpet cleaning. Model 981 is energy-consuming and powerful enough to deal with pollution in many rooms and to work independently for several hours. Like the i7 and i7+ models, the vacuum cleaner returns to the base after the discharge of the battery and then continues cleaning from the place where it stopped last time. A powerful HEPA-Style filter and three-stage cleaning system put this robot on a par with the two previous models, even though they were designed later and are considered to be up-to-date. The 981 models are also equipped with special rollers-scrapers that protect the vacuum cleaner from clogging and winding. But we believe this unit is the most effective in hair cleaning since it has all the advantages and technologies described by us in six above mentioned models, but still, it`s the only robot out of all seven devices that additionally has the  Carpet Boost function. Thanks to this significant addition, the vacuum cleaner can automatically increase the suction power during the cleaning of soft floor coverings (like carpets), on which most of the hair accumulates.

Roomba vacuum robot cleaners fairly take their place among the best products in this market segment. They have a wide range of models that can satisfy any wallet and requirements. But as it turned out in the course of our comparison, not all models may equally cope with such a type of pollution as pet hair. Interestingly, but the Roomba 981 vacuum cleaner, which is still not the newest model, turned out to be the best in all characteristics. We can also recommend you i7, i7+, and 960 vacuum cleaners, while the other three models thoroughly clean up a little space, but are unlikely to surprise you when you deal with hair.

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