A wedding event comprises several traditions and customs that should be followed while performing the event. The wedding means a day to celebrate and have fun together with the family, relatives, and friends. Different rituals include unique ways to associate, organize and celebrate the events likewise announcing the engagement date, sending invitation cards & RSVP’s, designing & decorating the venue with ancient & traditional looks, planning the rehearsal dinner, and buying the wedding favors for the most precious counterpart “guests” of the day. But planning the event in hurry could make you forget the things during the rehearsal dinner. Here we are listing down the things that couple often forgets during the rehearsal dinner. Have a look:


Handing out gifts to the Bridal party

Rehearsal dinner is a perfect time to hand out gifts to the bridal party for being a part of your special day. You should also hand out presents to your parents, and the people play important role in your life. But don’t give these presents in the morning out otherwise you need to add one more task to your to-do list. But most of the time couple often forgets about giving the gifts.

Handover the rings to the trustworthy man

During the ceremony, being a couple, you find yourself so puzzled & stressed in several tasks. So you should hand over the ring MoissaniteCo.com to the most trustworthy person so he will take the responsibility to keep them every time for the ceremony. Because you don’t want to take the risk of forgetting them in the hotel room or house when you know how far the venue is.

 Don’t forget to invite out of town guests

It’s the etiquettes that preach you should invite any out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner. They will surely like this step and appreciate being involved in the party. But call them a day before so they can be in town.

Introduce your friends & family to everyone

Rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to introduce your friends & family to everyone if they haven’t got the chance to meet & introduce themselves. The introduction makes everyone comfortable with each other.

Thanksgiving & announcement time

Everyone including your family & guests is present here and it is the most favorable time to be thankful to them for making your event grand with their remarkable presence. You should be thankful to the bridal party too for such arrangements. You can also make important announcements

Being the groom you can talk to your guests and share your emotional corner. If you want to remind the bridal party about the makeup and hairstylist appointments, photo session time, etc. then the rehearsal dinner is the most suitable time to make aware everyone of where they should be and when for the special day.

Make sure to complete the dinner before 10 pm as you all have to wake up early for the next day. So you can get ready for the ceremony.

By Amita Kumawat

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