Insufficient sleep has become a public epidemic as most people in the world have sleep disorders. Less sleep not only affects how we will feel during the day time but also causes heart trouble, diabetes, weight gain, mental disorder etc.

Experts may recommend a sleep of seven to nine hours per night but this does not fit everyone. Firstly, required sleep varies from person to person and it changes as we age. Secondly, the quality of good, undisturbed sleep is more important than just having a specific amount of sleep.

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Hundreds of fitness trackers are now available which can measure our steps, distance covered, body fat, heart rate, calories burned etc. Most of these fitness trackers can also monitor sleep. These smart devices pick up data that keeps track of body movements through actigraphy with a device called an accelerometer at the time of your sleep and provide feedback that allows you to evaluate your quality of sleep. These sleep trackers help you to find out whether your lifestyle habits are having any impact on your sleep quality. These gadgets can recognize the trends that disrupt your sleep and what helps you rest better.


However, as these sleep trackers measures sleep only by movement it tracks the amount of sleep more than the quality of sleep. Doctors warn that these types of devices are not a substitute for lab testing. But it does not mean that these gadgets are useless. When it comes to adopting a healthier sleep routine, the instant feedback that comes by self-monitoring with the help of these gadgets may motivate you to chase your goals.

When you need a sleep tracker:

  • You have several breaks while sleeping:  Due to some unavoidable noises such as snoring of partner, a sound of the baby crying you may wake up frequently at night. Also if you have sleep disorders like sleep apnea you can face disrupted sleep. A sleep tracker gadget is essential in order to monitor how much you properly sleep.
  • If you feel too sleepy during the day time you may not have a proper sleep when you lay down. Just laying down at night till late and not having deep sleep is assign of insomnia. A sleep tracker gadget can help you to find out the reason of your drowsiness.
  • If you are an athlete or do heavy brain work or do gym on regular basis a good night sleep will always help you. Asleep tracking gadget will help you to optimize your performance.

Here is a list of the sleep trackers that SmartifyLife found best in the market:

Fitbit Alta HR / Fitbit Versa:

Among the wearable sleep tracking gadgets Fitbit is the best choice right now. Fitbit Versa can track your deep and light sleep, REM sleep stages and give you actionable insights the next morning. By learning your behavior over time and using the collected data of your sleep this gadget can give you personalized feedback by providing a routine that will work best for your lifestyle.

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SleepScore Max:

Among the non-wearable sleep tracking gadgets, the SleepScore Max is the best for its excellent accuracy and actionable insights.  It tracks your sleep from your bedside table using echolocation. Every morning it will give you a score based on the quality of your last night’s sleep and then tell you what should be your better sleep score and what you need to do for the best rest.

Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor:

Another best non-wearable sleep tracker is Beddit 3. In the morning this gadget app will give you complete details about your amount and quality of sleep, your heart rate, and breathing rate. Beddit 3 will also provide you details about your temperature and humidity in bed so that you can optimize your sleeping environment.

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Polar M430:

One of the best-running watches that gives excellent sleep tracking measures also. In the morning it gives the actual time of your sleep, tracks your interruptions and delivers data on continuous sleep periods.  It uses an accelerometer to deliver highly accurate feedback.

Emfit QS:

Designed with athletes in mind Emfit QS (non-wearable) uses your heart rate and breathing to monitor and track your sleep patterns. It is able to analyze how well your body is recovering—which helps you to point out and rectify the habits that reduce your recovery.

Letscom Fitness Tracker:  If you are in short budget and still wants to buy a sleep tracker that provides you accurate sleep tracking details Letscom Fitness Tracker can be your choice. Apart from giving you an overall good detail of sleep, it can also track your heart rate, steps, calories burned etc.  So, you can wear this gadget during working out as well. It is waterproof so you need not to have to worry about the sweat, swim, and rain.

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