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iPhones are probably the most secure and locked down smartphones in the market. So secure that it restricts your customization and personalization to your phone. We regard phones today not just as a tool for communication but an extension of ourselves.

One solution to ease the restriction on your iPhone is to jailbreak it. It may sound like you are going to commit a crime because of the term, but jailbreaking is completely legal in the US. It is a process that allows the phone to install and run third-party applications that is not approved by its manufacturer.

There are many helpful sites that can help you out on your devices. Smartphone manufacturer hates the idea of jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone because it takes away their control of the item. Jailbreaking, just like any process, has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some reasons why you need to learn jailbreaking your iPhone

Customization and Personalization

Unlike Android devices where you can customize and personalize almost every aspect of its display, iPhone devices lack the customization option. The very thing you can customize in iPhones is those beautifully designed iPhone casings and protectors.

When you jailbreak your iPhone, you get to open ways to customize your iOS display. You can change layout icons, system fonts, place widgets on the home screen, add custom logos in the status bar, and change battery indicators.

Improve Functionality

When you jailbreak your iPhone you can improve the usage of TouchID, 3D touch, and Siri. Once jailbroken, you can use the function of TouchID for more than just unlocking your Apple device or to make purchases. You can also use the feature as a lockdown for individual apps or widgets.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

If you are fully aware of the drawbacks of jailbreaking, then you can proceed with this feature. If done properly, jailbreaking can enhance the privacy and security control of your iPhone.

A jailbreak tweak can allow you to block outgoing network connections selectively, making sure that the apps you allow can send data over the network. Whenever there’s a prompt that asks or requests for your personal information, you can choose between “protect or allow” access.

Right to use File System

Apple, for some reason, does not allow direct access to the file system. But I do understand that there are instances when you need to rename or modify or compress some of your files.

You can install Filza file manager, after jailbreaking your iPhones. It can browse and alter the file structure as well as support file sharing practices or programs like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Allows You to Install Game Emulators

If you like playing nostalgic games, such as games played on Game Boy, Game Boy, and even PSP and NDS, then you might want to try jailbreaking your iPhone. Once jailbroken, you can install game emulators like Delta and NewGamepad or play classic childhood games like Pokemon.


If you fancy an animation, then jailbreak your iPhone and experience cool animations. Jailbreak tweaks like Cylinder and GlowBadge, allows you to see your home screen page go impressive and your icons glow, respectively.

Speed Up Your Phone By Freeing Up Space

Apple has not given a convenient way to clear the cache and free up space. Sometimes you even have to delete the app to totally clear the cache and create some space.

If you’ve jailbroken your Apple smartphone, you can put in several tweaks that will allow you an easier way to clear the cache and free some space. You can install CacheClearer, which is a tweak that permits you to clear the cache precisely into the app setting.

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