If you are looking to hire a domestic helper/worker for your house make sure to have an interview session with him/her. This will ensure that the right person is selected by you which match your family’s needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or screening the applicants. Here are certain questions you may ask although the list is not exhaustive. It’s divided into five parts.

Situational questions

This is a very good way to judge the moral values or the behavior of the person. Answers to these types of questions cannot be taught and they also tell a lot about the person you are willing to hire as your helper:

  • While washing dishes you accidentally drop a plate and it breaks. What would you do?
  • While cutting vegetables you seriously spoil your finger with a knife. What would you do?
  • If a child abuses you what would you do?
  • While playing children are arguing over themselves for a toy. How would you control the situation?
  • How do you normally sleep a baby? What if she is crying for a long time and you don’t know why?
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Questions regarding work Experience

Next, you can ask about their previous work experience. Think whether their management style suits you. How long has she been working as a domestic helper? Some example questions might be:

  • How do they manage their own tasks? Did she work according to set schedule?
  • Can the person prepare different types of dishes?
  • Had there been any problems with his/her past employers? How did he/she resolve them?

Your schedule

It is very important that he/she works as per your schedule. You wouldn’t want to end up being late in office as your domestic worker couldn’t get your lunchbox ready on time. Is she willing to work as per the schedule or is he/she raising too many objections? Some examples may be:

  • You should have a clear idea about your family’s weekly schedule. Communicate the same in details to her.
  • Make sure to ask which day he/she wants as a weekly rest day? Would there be any problems if it were to be changed?
  • If the person wants to take annual leave during the year when would that be and for how long?
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Other discussion items

  • Is he /she willing to take food allowances daily or wants to have her meal at your home?
  • Whether there are any additional perks that the person wants like bonuses during festivals or yearly increment.
  • Does this person have adequate medical insurance coverage or you have to buy one for him/her?

Applicant’s questions

Make sure that the communications aren’t just one way but he/she asks you some questions as well. This will clarify the things in his/her mind and better your chances of finding an ideal domestic worker for your house that fits all the needs regarding Transfer Maids from Jeff Maid.


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