Optical illusions have fascinated both young and old for centuries. These illusions are produced when our eyes (and our brains) have difficulty interpreting reality. There are two distinct types of illusions: errors of assessment occur when we interpret an image incorrectly, whereas visual paradoxes cause us to question the real appearance of the image.

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Some iconic, others more obscure, these drawings and illustrations will give your brain a good workout. Whether you prefer a trompe l’oeil or hidden figures, there’s an illusion for everyone!

Yes—these circles are perfectly round!

You think this is a normal fork? Look again!

Who is on the bottom? Who is on the top?

Do you feel like you’re being watched?

Is this image 2 D or 3 D?

Which of these lines is the longest? Neither! They are the same length.

See a cylinder, a triangle, a sphere? Well, those things aren’t actually drawn.

Our brains just don’t like this one.

Can you focus on a gray dot?

Look just outside the image.

Do you see the pulsing black circles?

These waves make me feel sick!

Is the ball rolling, or is the floor moving?

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