Struggling to achieve your clearly set out goals? Do not despair! Just begin by patting yourself on your back for getting this far. With these tips, you will be able to achieve those goals!


The setting of goals is crucial to the growth and development of any person, especially goals towards personal development and having a more fulfilled life. It is most unfortunate that these goals sometimes do not get achieved for various reasons. It could be simply a lack of the requisite tools to achieve these goals or simply unforeseen circumstances that life can throw your way. Not achieving one’s goal can bring them down and make them feel useless, if not depressed. Goal setting has many sides to it, especially the part where you understand that your setting goals do not exclude you from the uncertainties of life. However, well-set goals have space for things that happen that are out of the plan. It is always best to plan our lives leaving out that little clause of ‘in case’ for all those unforeseen circumstances.

Most of the time, the inability to achieve goals can be linked to a long history of procrastination, where you leave everything till the last minute, giving you little time to fulfill your plans for the day or even the year. If your goals have not been accomplished, do not beat yourself up. Simply regroup, form a new strategy, and set to work achieving them.

How to regroup after your goals are left unattained


You might want to take some time to take stock of your past few weeks or years. What is the reason for your inability to achieve the goals you have set? Most people set unrealistic goals which are already very difficult to achieve. It would be better to take note of these little reasons and straighten them out before you begin another journey of setting goals.

Some people tend to procrastinate, especially if the goal does not have little steps to achieve them. Each step looks big and looming and feels better to leave for later when you feel better equipped to take them on. When this happens, it is almost sure that your goals would not get attained.

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Set new goals

Set new goals. Achievable ones. This time, do not do the same thing as you did before. Take the time to apply all the things you learned from your previous experience and add them to your planning. If you know you could not tackle the big goals, start little. Place measures in place to allow you to set better goals. You have to begin by knowing where exactly you want to be by the time you are done. It always helps to set specific goals like ‘by April 23rd I would have taken the cat out 10 times’ rather than ‘By the quarter of the year I would have been nice to the cat’, when you know full well you meant to take the cat out. Having numerical values to your goals makes it easier to achieve because you know how far you have gone and how much more you have to cover.

Discipline yourself

When it comes to setting goals and achieving them, discipline is almost always the driving force of achieving them. If you can recapture the feeling of despair after you were unable to achieve your goals, you will be more disciplined about achieving them the next time. Set checks and balances that can assess your progress often and frequently. It would be good to get others involved to be able to check you if you lack the self-motivation to be able to achieve your goals. Submit yourself to some form of discipline and make it that much easier to achieve the goals by cutting them up into little chunks, rather than big blocks that can deter even the most disciplined people.

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Get a reward system

Take the time to reward yourself every time you make a small victory. This will encourage you to keep going and keep achieving your goals. You might want to set the rewards at the end of each little aim you had after you cut up your goals into little achievable aims which are time-bound. At the end of the day or month, depending on the time stipulated for your aims to be achieved, you can take yourself out, or buy yourself a lovely purse. The reward system always works when getting a person to achieve their aims and objectives.

Have space for the inevitable

We can plan and have goals all we want, but what people fail to do sometimes is know that they cannot control the elements. It is always good to have space for things that are inevitable. If your goal is to save money, put some away for an emergency fund so that emergencies do not take up all your savings. If your plan was to go to a particular school or get a job set some time to think of if you do not get in, what other alternate routes could you take. You can find jobs that are close enough to your dream so that you can get back to achieving it. Never be hard fixed on any particular goal because most often than not, life is not clockwork enough for things to fall into place like that. This takes away the disappointment of not achieving what you wanted to.

Goal setting and achieving requires a lot of concentration and intentional living to be able to achieve them. Take the time, if you find that you have not achieved your goals, and evaluate what went wrong. Most often than not, it is something that can be corrected, and then you will be back on track in no time!

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