Mobile Monitoring Software

One of the biggest technological revolutions in recent times has been that of smartphones. 

There was a time not too long ago when smartphones were the exception but not the norm. 

It wasn’t long before smartphones became widespread, to the point where almost everyone has one these days. 

As with other platforms, it wasn’t long before apps started to be created for this emerging medium as well. 

One of the many apps that came about was that of mobile monitoring software.  Focused on the fundamental principle of keeping an eye on mobile device usage, it is a very helpful tool for a variety of ways. 

Coming to the purpose of these monitoring, it can be said that there are indeed many of them. 

Some of the reasons for the need to have mobile monitoring ( are given in the list below. 


Safety & Security

The most important reason for using mobile monitoring software is that of safety. 

This is used most commonly for keeping an eye on people such as children or the elderly, or for that matter anyone else who are generally vulnerable. 

Given that people in this demographic are generally weaker than those from other sections of society, it is a good idea to ensure that their activities be monitored for their own benefit. 

In simple words, the monitoring of the device, and indirectly another individual, can prove to be an invaluable way of ensuring the safety and security of that particular individual. 

Keep a Tab on Data Usage

Another important usage of monitoring software has to do with the data being used. 

If there is one thing expensive about phone plans, it is data. While the data rates have come down in recent times, it is still expensive for the average person. 

The failure to contain data costs can prove to be dangerous, especially in the long run. This is especially true in the case of expensive packages, which charge more than the normal ones. 

This high cost of data can prove to be financially unviable in the long run, if it isn’t controlled. It is here that mobile monitoring software can be of immense help. Through the tracking of everyday data use on the selected device, one will be in a better position to manage one’s finances and plan out budgets.  

In addition to this, one can also get an idea of the exact source of the data usage, if the internet use is monitored as well. For example, an average website may use around 100 KB of data for each page loaded, while videos on the other hand (from sites such as YouTube), may take more than 100 MB (102400 KB) of data. This can help out in planning the way internet use is managed.

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Location Tracking Purposes

An important purpose of mobile monitoring software that is universal in nature is that of location tracking. 

It is often stressed for people when it comes to the whereabouts of their loved ones. This can be in a variety of individuals, be it children, partners, the elderly or someone else. 

It is here that mobile monitoring software can come into the picture, and help out in knowing one’s whereabouts. Through features such as GPS and other location tracking abilities, it is easy for one to keep an eye on another person’s location, at any given moment. 

It should be added here that this feature is not always available. In certain devices, there may not be the necessary features, whether software or hardware, to detect one’s location. In certain cases, this feature may be available, but only to the extent of an approximate location, rather than an exact one. This is something that must be considered if one is using this software for the purpose of location tracking. 

Prevention of Abuse & Misuse

The prevention of abuse and misuse is something that is a major concern to organizations, both small and large. It usually takes place when it comes to the usage of devices that are issued to employees for official work or similar situations. 

The main purpose of this is to ensure that the devices are used for the purpose it was indeed, and not anything else. Keeping an eye on the way the device is being used, can prove to be very helpful, can be very helpful for companies intended in ensuring that there are no instances of abuse or misuse. 

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Management of Company Resources

In large organizations, there is a limit on the number of expenses that can be incurred, before profitability takes a hit. 

One of them has to do with the way data and other digital resources are managed by the company’s employees. Keeping a track of how this is used, can prove to be very helpful for companies who are interested in ensuring a steady rate of cash flow. 

The usage of mobile monitoring software can prove to be very helpful in this regard. By simply keeping a track of the way in which the company resources are used, it becomes easier to cut costs, remove excess expenditure and ensure the long-term viability of the company. 

One more thing that must be added here is with regard to the legal aspects. 

While there are legitimate uses for mobile monitoring software, there is a great deal of potential for abuse as well. This can in many cases, be illegal, depending on the nature of the software and the way it was used. 

It is therefore important that one gets clear with local laws pertaining to monitoring. One of the most important would be with regard to the many privacy laws that have been passed in recent times. In addition to this, there are many other pieces of legislation that are equally important as well. 

In general, the issue of consent must be addressed, for that is what determines whether the monitoring would be legal or not. Quite often, this issue is something that would have to be taken in writing, through the use of a legal agreement, rather than an oral one. This would especially be true when it comes to the issue of monitoring happening at a business or corporate level. 

As a whole, it can be said without a doubt that mobile monitoring software has a variety of different uses. 

These range from those purposes at home, to the ones at the business place. In general, it is to be ensured that this technology is used wisely, for the greater good, for the benefit of all. 

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