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We are living in a day and age where personal information is available online. Social media is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, you can already look up and order vital records online. There are websites that majority trust to do such actions.

However, with so many scams today, how will you know if a website is fully capable of handling your vital records with utmost concern over your it’s security?


It is true that websites that allow us to cut waiting times are increasing in numbers. However, this also means that we are also becoming more vulnerable to scams. People will take this as a golden opportunity to access vital records. In today’s world, that is vital – information is power.

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So, how do you know that a website is looking out for our security?

  • Certification from Outside Source

Anyone can claim that they are secure and legit. However, just like in the medical field, having a second opinion from a neutral certifying body should give you the peace of mind. This what you need to look for in websites that deal with vital records. Always look for a seal that guarantees this fact.

Of course, they can easily put up any certifying body, and there may be a lot out there. However, you should look for the most official ones, those who have been doing it for a while. Examples include the following:

  1. Better Business Bureau
  2. TrustWave
  3. TRUSTe
  4. VeriSign

Again, there may be a lot more. However, these four are at the top of anyone’s list, and that should include yours. Having their seal on a website should reassure you that your vital records are secure.

  • Look Up

A quick look at the address bar can also help reassure you of the website’s security. Normally, websites that have a lock before their address is a guarantee of security. Sometimes, if you cannot see one, the fact that their URL starts with “https://”. This way, you give a new website offering the service a chance. Otherwise, the market will experience a monopoly, and in most cases that is not good.

  • Read the Privacy Policy

We know that no one likes a long read. However, when it comes to your vital records, you should not start becoming lazy. It is vital that you read through the website’s privacy policy. More importantly, you should look into these three important details:

  1. If data entered are encrypted in some way
  2. If they offer an explanation for why specific information is being requested for
  3. If they sell the information entered to third-party groups for reasons that go beyond what the information was intended for

If any of this information is in their privacy policy, then you can proceed in doing a transaction with their group.


On the other hand, there is also a time when you just cannot avoid pitfall circumstances. In fact, no matter how trustworthy the website is when handling your vital records, there are just bad predicaments that we cannot avoid.

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What are these “pitfalls”?

The Use of Public Wifi

Public Wifi is very convenient. It allows you to make any transaction, anywhere you are, regardless if it involves your vital records. However, since it is public, others gaining access to your information is not very impossible. In fact, hackers even use this as a tool. That is why always opt for a private connection.

Do Things On Site

That is why, if any part of the website forces you to fill in details that are off the website, you best to avoid it. There are dodgy arrangements being made, and personal information is crucial, not just vital records. Having someone steal your information, and maybe your identity is dangerous. For all you know, that someone is a criminal doing heinous things, and the only name he goes by is yours, without you even knowing.

Avoid Suspicious Looking Websites

There is a saying that we should avoid judging people according to their appearance. However, the internet is a dangerous place, especially when it involves personal information. Also, vital records. That is why, as discriminatory as it sounds, if a website looks dodgy, avoid it at all means. It may not be a trustworthy one, especially with information as vital as this.

Today, information is power, most especially when it comes to vital records. Companies use it to sell us products and services that we do not necessarily need, and individuals may use it to steal our identities. It may sound something straight from a movie, but it happens. So, be more cautious with how you deal with your information because we never know who is out to steal your identity.  

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