iKeyMonitor Hidden Call Recorder Review TellMeHow

If you want to know what your children are talking about on their phones in the late night, then you can try a hidden call recorder like iKeyMonitor. Such an app can be used to record call conversations on Android phones, and get access to all the information on the phone.

The Benefit Of iKeyMonitor Hidden Call Recorder

Hidden Call Recorder “helps you discreetly record a phone conversation and listen online, install the application on the target mobile device, record and extract the recorded files from the site.

Keep Family Members Safe

For children’s safety online, parents can monitor their conversations, contacts and accompany them to ensure that their children are always safe and protected in particular against the exploitation of others.

The application is also great for helping family members with problems like addictions, keeping them under surveillance.

Keep Track Of Employees

Companies can also monitor the activities of their employer with this software.
iKeyMonitor call recorder ensures that expensive corporate cellphones are used only for commercial purposes. The application allows companies to monitor the movement of workers through GPS tracking and provide that unnecessary data is not the expense for online content not related to work.

The application can also improve the security of a company because companies can monitor employees who are leaking confidential information outside the company.

Features of iKeyMonitor Hidden Call Recorder

iKeyMonitor hidden call recorder allows you to manage all the details that also include the complete password written by the target person on the phone. Thus, the recorder spy call is the function that allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls to record. Record all that is hidden or blocked with the password.

Features of iKeyMonitor Hidden Call Recorder TellMeHow

Call Recording

The most outstanding feature of iKeyMonitor is call recording. It records each phone call sent and received on the phone. By listening to the call recordings, parents know whether children contact suspicious guys or encounter problems. Employees know whether employees use the company-offered smartphones for personal businesses, or leak the business information to the competitors.

Keystrokes Logging

Besides call recording feature, iKeyMonitor logs keystrokes inputted on the Android phone secretly. You can view the keystrokes entered on SMS, chat apps, email, website URL. It’s useful for you to have a good understanding of the target phone user.

GPS Tracker

GPS location tracking feature is the essential feature that allows you to keep track of the phone to be monitored. You can know the actual position of your target person whenever you want. Parents use this feature to watch the children, so they won’t miss the lessons and wander around here with their friends. Even employers can track down their employees. There are occasions when employers receive work outside the office.

Ambient Voice Recording

This feature helps you hear the voice of the environment. With the help of this feature, you can easily know what’s going on behind people, which is one of the best features. Children often lie to their parents about where they are. They may not be in class during school hours and can be lying to you, but with the help of environmental listening you can hear the noise and know the truth.


iKeyMonitor Spy Call Recorder is the best application that allows you to monitor the call recordings on the Android phones. Besides that, you can also track all the other activities performed on the phone. This app helps you record all the calls. You only need to have an Internet connection on your device. iKeyMonitor is an app that is very reliable and gives you the right information.

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