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It is difficult to express your thoughts in the 160-character SMS. Things get different after launching the Messenger app. Many Internet-based messaging applications are available for our smartphones and PCs. These apps allow us to send an unlimited number of messages with unlimited characters.

Today, if we search on Google Play, there are more than the 100 Messenger apps like Whatsapp, Wechat, Line. Is an app that has gained popularity all over the world. Yes, we are talking about telegram messenger.

Telegram is an application available in more than 10 international languages, including English, German, Italian, Korean, French and etc., because telegram has more than 100 million active users from around the world.

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How to Search for GIFs in Telegram Chats

If you are reading this post, which means that you want to know how you can find a GIF. No need to search anywhere, you will get full information in this post. 

Almost all of you have used GIF in chat. And you want to know that some more gifs are available on this character. Follow the procedure described below. Using it you can grease for GIF. Remember this process is for Android users only.

  • Open the chat in your telegram application
  • Tap on the GIFs icon available in the chat bar
  • Now open the Gif tab and select Search Gifs
  • Now the Gif search is open in yours.
  • Type a keyword related to which you want a gif. Like Love, happy, heart and etc
  • Now send it to a person and it will get added in your GIFs collection.

How to Search for a Stickers in Telegram chat

A sticker is a creative feature that is preferred by users. If you are a telegram user, then you know about telegram sticker. Sticker telegram has the features available to increase the level of creativity.

  • Open the telegram application 
  • Open a chat where you want to send a sticker
  • Now tap on the sticker item available in the bottom left of your screen
  • This will open all available stickers
  • Here you can only find your available stickers pack and trending stickers
  • To search for more sticker tap on the search icon available in the bottom left
  • Now your sticker search is open
  • Type a keyword related to which stickers you want to add
  • Now you get search result of your keyword
  • Tap on add button to the sticker pack in your application
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Method 2

This method is more simple to find a useful sticker for you. This method is done using emoji. Follow the method below to find a sticker

Open the chat in your telegram application

Now add an emoji in your text area

You will automatically get some sticker options. These available stickers are related to your emoji

This is a small and best method to search for the emoji

How to delete sticker pack

To remove a sticker pack from telegram application. Follow the method provided below. The method is only for android users.

  • Open your telegram application
  • Tap on three lines to open the side menu
  • Go to settings
  • Now tap on chat settings
  • Now tap on Stickers and Masks
  • Now here you can see all the stickers available in your account
  • Find the sticker you want to remove
  • Tap on three dots in the right of the sticker
  • Tap on the remove
  • And, now you have successfully the remove your telegram sticker

Telegram is an important feature in the GIF and sticker app. Each user should know every process of how they can add and remove them. There are many stickers available on Telegram. Hope you like the post.

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