Internet Explorer 9 is one of the most popular browsers out there and Internet Explorer 9 is still a favorite for many users. There are a surprising number of features in Internet Explorer 9 most users don’t know about but should learn.

Here are 5 great tips for Internet Explorer 9 users can utilize at one time or another.

Retrieve a Lost Favorites Toolbar

Many IE users have a favorites toolbar. However, it isn’t always visible. Where is my favorites bar? And, more importantly, how do you get it back? If your favorites bar disappeared, this may be a glitch that frequently occurs after upgrading Internet Explorer. Or, it may have occurred because the operating system lost the file that stored your favorites, though it could happen because someone closed it. Confusing matters, even more, is the fact that the Windows Operating System has a “my favorites toolbar” that is completely unrelated to Internet Explorer.

If the favorites toolbar was simply closed, you can get it back by going to view> toolbars> favorites. If you can’t reach this menu, use the Alt key on the keyboard to see the menu bar. You can restore the menu bar by right clicking on a blank part of IE and then clicking the toolbars you want to see, including the Menu bar and Favorites bar.

If the problem is that you keep losing your preferred search engine, go to “Manage Add-ons”, “Search Providers”, and enable “Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider”.

Reopen a Closed Tab

Internet Explorer 9 copied the “reopen closed tab” feature from Firefox. You right-click on a tab and select either “reopen closed tabs” or “recently closed tabs”. You can use the keyboard command Control-Shift-T to reopen closed tabs.

Pin Websites to Your Taskbar

If there are websites that you check daily or even several times a day, it is worth it to create a shortcut to let you access them more quickly. The simplest way to do this is to pin the websites to your taskbar. You can do this by opening the website in Internet Explorer and then dragging the website tab to the Windows Taskbar. The webpage will turn into a silhouette and you’ll see the option “Pin to Taskbar”. At this point, release the mouse button and drop that silhouette to the toolbar. Now you have a permanent shortcut to the website. If you don’t want the shortcut anymore, right click on it and select to “unpin” it from the taskbar.

Clean Up Your Browser Cache

You probably want to clean up your browser cache after you’ve changed your login credentials. In the past, your only options were to delete all browser cookies or get rid of expired cookies. Internet Explorer 9 introduced the option of deleting cookies or the cache for a specific website without getting rid of all the cookies. You can do this by going to the website for which you want to clear the browser cache, hitting F12, waiting for the Developer’s Tools window to appear, and then clicking on the “Cache” tab. From here, you can disable cookies, clear session cookies, clear cookies for the domain or view information on the cookies for that particular site.


Internet Explorer 9 added quite a few features that make it easier for users to customize, streamline and manage their browser more effectively. Learn how to utilize tips and tricks like these to get the most out of your browser.

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