Flooring Materials and Layers: Why do you need van flooring?

After insulation, the building floor of your van is essential. You will not be able to build anything without flooring. Remember, van flooring is necessary to avoid slips and other safety issues. If your van is inseparable for your business, you have to protect it. Any damage may be the reason for the loss of income and work.


With Rolacase van flooring, you can add an extra protection layer to your van. There is no need to worry about crashing the floor of your van with power tools. Carefully choose to floor for your van. It must offer suitable aesthetic, insulation, durability, height, and cleanliness.

Layers for Van Floor

You can add different layers to the floor of your van based on different choices. In the first step, you have to remove a factory floor. It may have maximum flex because of a wood composite. This floor can create a bow or bubble in different places.

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Insulation and Dampening

After removing a factory floor, you have to install sound insulation and dampening. With proper insulation, you can create an energy-efficient camper. In the absence of insulation, you can lose cold air and heat across the floor.

You will need the best insulation to avoid cold feet in winter while walking in your van. Moreover, insulation with extra sound reducing material can decrease road noise.


A plywood subfloor layer becomes necessary after insulation. Remember, the factory floor may serve as a template to save time in measuring the curves of your van. Marine-grade plywood may be heavy and thick, but it is durable. There is no need to worry about flex in the floor after putting bulky items on it.

Remember, any construction in the ceiling and floor can decrease the total standing space in your van. For this reason, you have to focus on the thickness of materials to use in your van.

Top Layer

Finally, you have to work on the top layer of flooring. Based on the floor plan, you will require different floor types. Typically, people need an aesthetically pleasing, smooth, and durable floor. Your budget will be an essential factor in the selection of the top layer.

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Flooring Materials for Van

If you want user-friendly and cheap floors, you can buy laminate floors. These are available in different designs and colors. Laminate can be a wise choice for a van floor because it looks beautiful. With the help of the laminate, it will be easy to hide dark and light debris.

Vinyl is also famous because it is waterproof, robust, lightweight, and thin. This material is scratch-resistant and strong. It is available in different textures and colors. Remember, a smooth texture can make wiping up and sweeping masses easy. For campervan, vinyl flooring can be a suitable choice. With its waterproof qualities, it can decrease the risk of mold and mildew.

Another flooring option is cork with better insulation and sound dampening qualities. It is expensive than laminate and vinyl. Remember, cork is susceptible to scratches and needs regular maintenance.

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