Babyproof your home with these easy steps

Finally being a parent is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in a parent’s life. 

Right now, you’re feeling excited. 

You can’t help but imagine all the things you’re going to do with your little one. You’re going to teach her/him love, compassion and all the lessons you’ve learned during your lifetime. Most importantly, you’re going to want to protect your child against all harm. 

You’re a superhero, not to the world, but to your child. 

You swore never to let a single thing hurt your little pumpkin. And then it hits you, early childhood is the time when your child is most vulnerable. 

They are fragile little beings that are vulnerable to the danger of the physical world! 

And then it hits you. Your condominium property may not be the safest place to raise a child. That’s why here you are on this page, looking for ways to make your house perfect for making happy parents – baby memories. 

Be scared NOT! Here are some steps you can do to baby proof your home and keep your baby happy and safe… 


Secure your crib

Whether you’re using a new crib or a hand-me-down, the number one thing that you should do is inspect the crib. Inspect the crib from defects, loose parts, and missing hardware. 

If it’s broken, put it away. Also, ensure that the mattress is a perfect fit for your crib to prevent suffocation. 

Place your crib in safe cool areas. Do not put the crib near windows, cords, and everything else that will cause discomfort and hazard to your child. 

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Get rid of small objects

As your child starts to crawl around the house, they will also start putting things in their mouth. It’s normal for a child’s growth to put things in their mouth. They are developing and are starting to grow interested in the world that surrounds them. 

They like exploring and learning. However, this poses a big threat if your home is not baby proof. If your floor is filled with toys and even hard objects small enough to be swallowed by your child, it can risk choking. Make sure the floor is always clean of mess. 

Disinfect your home

They have started crawling and putting everything in their mouth. One should keep the floor and furniture clean of dust and mud that your child could digest or inhale. Remove any materials that came from the outdoors, or materials that are obviously dirty, like rugs, mops, and slippers.

Once they inhale or ingest these unsanitary materials, it will cause an illness. So keep everything clean.

Secure Large Furniture

Your child will start grabbing things to pull them up or help them up despite their small stature. Sometimes, they’ll start pulling furniture to support them. Imagine kids pulling your tablecloth to help themselves up, only to have all the content of the table spill on them. With that in mind, get rid of your tablecloth. Sometimes, they’ll also climb cabinets to elevate themselves, in which they could easily fall.

Sadly, this huge furniture could fall on their small bodies, making it difficult to breathe. In most cases, solid objects on top of this furniture could fall on them and cause injury.

Make sure to secure this large furniture by attaching them to the wall, so they don’t shake and fall. Better yet, choose furniture that’s well-grounded. Choose ones that are too heavy to push over. 

Keep bathrooms locked

A bathroom is a dangerous room to leave kids unsupervised. So many things can happen. For one, they could drown in just 2 inches deep water. They can also play with the toilet water, or slip on a wet floor and hit their heads. 

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Keep dangerous things inaccessible or out of reach

All fragile objects like dishware should be secured in a top cabinet. Knives and toxic cleaners should be placed out of reach. Use outlet covers to protect your baby from getting electrocuted.

Final word 

All the things mentioned above are helpful in keeping your home safe for your baby. However, if you’re having difficulty trying to keep all the corners of your house baby-proof, then dedicating a space made for your baby might be the best step to take.

Remember, designing a nursery room isn’t all about whether it should be painted pink or blue, or what cartoon should the theme be. Your first priority is the safety of the nursery.

Follow all the rules and steps mentioned above to optimize your nursery room and your home. 

As parents, we want nothing else but to provide warmth and safety to our children. We want to protect them from anything that could hurt them. This mission starts inside our homes. So go ahead and start making your best property baby-ready.

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