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In the era of digitization, a platform to express personal opinions is a very powerful and versatile tool. Often it can alter the demographics of any situation very easily. YouTube is one such platform that has evolved into a gold standard of conveying personal messages and thoughts to masses with the click of a button. As the presence and reach of YouTube have grown, several creative individuals have found a voice and community on the video-sharing app. It truly has shrunken the distance between nations and regions. The presence of a channel on YouTube can benefit in many ways. However, there is some catch in this strategy. The success of any channel is primarily dependent on the views it gets. Basically more views serve the very basic purpose of reachability of the message to the masses. With its(YouTube) popularity, ever-increasing users, and a growing number of channels, it has also become progressively difficult for Youtubers to get attention from their desired target audience. The majority of the channels fail to grab the viewer’s attention just because they are unable to get views or traction. The internet protocol dictates the type of content that a specific user is presented with. YouTube algorithms are smartly designed to suggest and recommend the content of a particular channel to various viewers, hence forming a chain effect. Which is very precisely connected and synced. It is observed that the videos with a higher number of views get more traction and are often suggested multiple times. This results in the discouragement of fairly new creators who have a lesser number of views. YouberUp comes in handy in such a situation and we must add that it Is truly a lifesaver when it comes to getting your content the attention it deserves.



To be very brief, YouberUp is an application that helps fairly new users in particular and moderately average users generally to attain more views on their content posted on YouTube. It does so very smartly with some amazing and simple algorithms designed specifically to boost your performance as a content creator. For now, its availability and compatibility are limited to Android but we hope to have an iOS version very soon. The android application is very stable and mature. The interface is fairly simple and interactive.

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Sign-up and Activation:

The sign-up process is very simple and straight forward. For new users, a valid email address and a suitable password are the only two things required. Once the credentials are fed, verification with a unique code is sent to the email address and upon entering the code, your account is set up, activated, and ready to use. Unlike other applications which are very region specific while creating an account the YouberUp is very versatile. We found no hurdle in signing up for the application.


The version of YouberUp that is available to users at the moment is 1.0.0. it’s very stable and error-free. The total file size is about 4 megabytes and is compatible with all the devices running on android 5 and above. Android 5, is now a very suitable platform to set as a lower limit, as it covers the majority of the consumers, unlike some applications which only cater to the latest version of android.

Working structure:   

YouberUp uses a very smart algorithm to dictate the views and the channelize the attention of viewers to your content. It uses a coin reward system to offer various services. Upon signing up, the users are awarded 1000 coins. Which is a very welcoming token. With the passage of time, various short videos appear on the main dashboard. These videos are categorized into sections of subscribers, likes, and views. The subscriber’s tab provides the users with short videos that when watched a certain amount of coins are added to your virtual wallet. Conveniently displayed at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Similar is the situation of views and likes tab. The point earned in each category can then be used to purchase the services according to the provided tariff. This is a very organized chain effect, that helps build a virtual community and benefits all the users on board. A very handy feature of autoplay can be toggled on from the menu, which comes in very useful when multi-tasking. It keeps on playing the videos in a specified category till you terminate the sequence and the resulting coins are added to your wallet.

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Final Verdict:

The YouberUp application is a very easy and effective way to earn likes, free YouTube views, and gain YouTube subscribers on your content that is uploaded. It really helps the new users in boosting their morale and presence on this huge platform. It’s developed by professionals, hence it’s clean, easy, and free from bugs. It also gets regular updates in order to omit any bugs that are found. For a free application, unlimited free views. Likes and subscribers with the peace of mind that there exists no virus or bug is a huge deal. Moreover, the subscribers and likes are authentic and are not bot assisted. Lastly, with around the clock support, users can have guidance and provide us with feedback as well. We highly recommend the YouberUp application to our new and existing content creators in order to gain the presence which their hard work and dedication deserve.

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