Exercises to Improve Memory and Brain Activity

The human brain is complex machinery, which works tirelessly to help your body function while storing data in the form of memory. The amount of data that your brain has to process and save is ever-increasing. Whether you are watching your favorite movie or you are preparing for an examination, your mind is responsible for storing the data and fishing them out when you need it.

When your brain gets overloaded with the information, you might be faced with instances where your memory fails you. Incidences of memory loss are avoided by keeping your brain healthy. Your lifestyle plays a vital role in ensuring that your brain remains healthy. A balanced diet, proper rest, reduced stress levels, and regular health checks ensure basic mental health. However, a regiment of brain exercises boosts memory and brain activity.

There are software and apps with exercises for the brain. Most of the apps and software are paid services. Yet, there are simple exercises that you can try out without having to pry open your wallet. Here are some highly useful exercises which will help improve your brain activity and memory:


If you are trying to remember any information, repetition will help you remember better. Simply repeating the information in your mind is not enough. You need to repeat the information out loud. To practice this exercise, start by reading a list of names or things and then repeating them out loud till you recall the information without looking at the list.

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As an additional or alternative step, you can write the information down. By writing the information and then reading it, the information gets embedded into your memory. You can use this method on a regular basis to help create a technique of remembering information.


When you go to buy groceries do you mentally calculate your bill? Most people do not bother to practice mental calculations. However, the skill taught in elementary schools of mentally solving simple math problems does more than just teach mathematic functions.

Solving simple math problems mentally are good mental exercises. Mentally solving math problems not only heightens your brain functions, but it also improves your memory as well. The exercise works best when you combine it with physical activity. So, the next time you are at the gym, have a set of math problems ready on your phone.

Rely Less on Devices

From online essay checker for students to apps that remind you of your shopping list, software and apps have made our lives easier. In the process, the ability to recall information has diminished drastically. While it is wise to trust well-programmed software to help you do your task, reducing the reliability of devices helps you have a healthy brain.

Instead of asking Siri to call a certain person try to remember their phone numbers. Start by remembering and dialing a single phone number and slowly increase it to remembering your entire shopping list. You can always check with your device to see whether you have been able to recall everything correctly.

Rely Less on Devices


The hobbies that you engage in during your free time can be used as an exercise for your brain. While all hobbies play a role in good brain health by reducing stress levels, there are some that do much more than relaxing the brain.

Playing an instrument or learning to play an instrument engages your brain on many levels. While your brain tries to coordinate your body, it also has to memorize the movements involved. Younger brains find it easier to learn an instrument, for an older brain playing a new instrument is a challenge that improves brain functions.

Learning a new sport also has the same impact as learning how to play a new instrument. Playing a sport not only helps you have a good memory, but it also helps improve your physical fitness as well. Brain engaging games like chess, crossword and Sudoku are healthy alternatives to physically strenuous sports.

Art and crafts also help boost mental health. When engaging in art and crafts, you push your brain to be creative while reducing stress and anxiety. Art therapy comes highly recommended by mental health professionals for improving brain activity and mental health.

Learning Routes

Navigation is not only a skill but also one of the best memory exercises. Most people spend their lives commuting using a familiar route every day. The monotonous path prevents your brain from engaging in a fun exercise. With the help of maps on your phone, you can try to take a new route to your home, work or educational institute. When you navigate a new route, your brain goes into overdrive as it takes in new information from the new surroundings.

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Once you have taken the alternative route with the help of your GPS, you can try to retrace the route from your memory. Try to recall all the landmarks that your brain had previously noted down to help you find your way. You can even try to draw the route on paper from your memory.

Learning Routes

Increase Your Knowledge of Language

Learning a language is not only for your professional benefits. A new language helps with memory and concentration. According to findings of the American Academy of Neurology, bilingualism or multilingualism reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

You do not need to become a fluent speaker of a second or third language for this exercise. YouTube videos and free e-books are sources for learning the basics of any language for free.

Play with Your Food

What you eat and how you eat helps improve your brain activity. As a therapeutic activity, you should take up cooking. The benefits of learning to cook a new cuisine are similar to learning a new language. You get to engage your brain while remembering the taste of different ingredients. Your taste buds also play a key role in keeping your brain healthy. Blind taste tests keep your brain faculties and senses sharp. Using chopsticks to eat your food improves hand-eye coordination.

While most people are not aware of the importance of regularly exercising your brain, the benefits are long-term. Some exercises are harder than the others. You can always start with the simple exercises before proceeding to the tougher ones. Try out the exercises which suit you the best.

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