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Singapore is home to 4.83 million online users, which means an impressive 84% of the Singaporean population regularly uses the Internet.

With this vast a market, it’s no surprise that businesses inside and outside the country are turning to online marketing strategies to introduce their brands to Singaporeans—and SEO is quickly becoming a priority for most business owners and marketers.

What is SEO?

What is SEO TellMeHow

Search engine optimization (SEO) is implementing processes that increase the quantity and quality of a website’s traffic by improving the website’s visibility on a search engine’s organic search results. The logic behind SEO is simple: would you browse the sixth page of Google’s search results?

If you were desperate for results, you’d probably look at the second or third page, maybe even the fourth. But an Internet user doing a casual search probably wouldn’t look past the third result on Google’s front page.

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Therefore, the goal of SEO is to bring your website to a search engine’s front page, if not make your website the first result on a search engine’s front page.

That might sound like a daunting task, but with patience and dedication, your SEO strategy will propel you to any search engine’s first page. Here’s how.

Think long term

SEO is a long-term strategy. You need to establish your website as trustworthy in search engines’ eyes before they start displaying your blog posts on their front page.

Wondering if investing in SEO is worth it? It is. In fact, the great thing about SEO is that it neatly ties into your other online marketing strategies.

When SEO brings in more traffic to your website, your affiliate links will get more visibility, and your social media websites will have better retention in customers’ memories. SEO doesn’t just bring in some much-needed website traffic; it also helps build the best social media or affiliate marketing Singapore has seen.


Stay up-to-date on SEO strategies

Because of search engines’ ever-evolving analytics, SEO techniques also change quickly over time.

Subscribe to your favorite SEO authorities, so you’re the first to know when there are new SEO tools, rules, or even just cool tips and tricks that will help you market your site better.

Additionally, stay on top of research about Singapore’s Internet usage and habits. These research studies will give you insights on how Singaporeans behave on the Internet, which you can then use to tailor your content to your Singapore market.

Build a mobile-friendly website

Speaking of research studies, here’s one statistic for you: more than 95% of the Singapore population access the Internet using their mobile phone and smartphones.

Website traffic isn’t about people opening your website and then closing it after three seconds—which is precisely what they will do if your website looks horrible on their phones.

Make a mobile-friendly website, and visitors are more likely to become subscribers.

Keyword research is key

Keywords are what people enter into a search bar when they’re trying to find something on the Internet.

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Conducting keyword research will show you which keywords people are searching for—and which keywords don’t have a lot of content written about them.

Your best bet at ranking on search engines is by writing content that has high search volume but low competition.

Content is king

While search engines will examine your content for keywords and links to trustworthy websites, your priority should always be to deliver original, entertaining, and informative content.

After all, it’s not the search engines that are going to subscribe to your mailing list or make a purchase on your online store—it’s people who do that. Write for people, not for search engines.

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Here are a few tips when writing SEO content:

  • Be mindful of length. Articles that are too long don’t attract many readers, which means they won’t attract search engine bots either. Keep articles to a 500-word minimum and a 2,000-word maximum.
  • Use readable language. If your article is difficult to understand, then no one is going to bookmark it, recommend it, or link to it. Hire a good writer and a better editor, so your content is of the highest quality.
  • Link to other pages on your website. Just don’t overdo it. Linking to one or two other pages on your website should be enough.
  • Use photos and videos (where applicable). Keep your articles engaging by embedding photos, videos, social media posts, infographics, and other media. Most content management systems also let you edit the metadata of your photos—by adding an article or page’s keyword to the photos’ metadata, you increase your chances of ranking on search engines.


SEO requires you to invest a significant amount of time, human resources, and energy, but it pays off in the end. Websites that rank on search engines often come across as trustworthy, as authorities in their industry—that and ranking on search engines bring in website traffic.

Include SEO in your online marketing strategy, and you’ll be dominating the Singapore business market in no time.

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