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The trend of hair extension has come a long way with the all-new methods of applying, styles, length, and color. Further, not every woman is genetically blessed with luscious, long locks; the reason hair extensions have become a thing. They can instantly transform any look from short to long to healthy in just a flash.


But, which hair extension is for you; dive in the article to know everything about the hair extension:

Human Hairs Vs. Synthetic Hairs:

Human hairs, as the name suggests, are made from real hairs with no synthetic strands. They are collected from the donor with the strands intact together, which will keep locks smooth and detangled throughout life. Plus, the hairs will look silky and shiny.

However, synthetic hairs, on the other hand, are made from synthetic, blended fibers with no real hairs. While they are not natural, they look similar to human hairs. Also, the fibers are fine and are manufactured to imitate natural human hairs.

Look And Feel Of Synthetic Hairs And Natural Hairs:

While both extensions (real human and synthetic) come in different styles, color and forms, all of them are mostly stiff. Additionally, the quality of the fibers may vary, and sometimes they give a wiry or coarse feel. Also, real hair blends naturally and feel natural.

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Here are some common hair extensions you should look before picking the one:

Clip-In Extensions:

Clip-in extensions come in different strands of contoured pieces, that are attached with either silicon or fabric. Clips are attached to the base and are easy to use. You just need to clip the extension in your natural hairs and you are done! They are affordable and come in various styles be it curls or Kinky Straight Closure. Also, you can easily apply or remove them when you are off to sleep.

Tape-In Hair Extension:

These extensions are weft and use adhesive tapes to attach them to head. In flat, seamless appearance, these extensions are perfect. Tape-in extensions are also perfect for women with thin hairs. Unlike other glue-in extensions or the fusion ones, they offer less damage to hairs even if your hairs are exposed to heat. Just make sure to stock the replacement tapes and your long-lasting extensions are ready.

Sew-In Hair Extension:

When you want extensions for a longer duration, a needle and thread is the only solution.  These are applied to the braids with your natural hairs. You have to braid your natural hairs into small cornrows and then use a needle and thread to put them in. While these extensions are permanent and seamless, they are damaging and also stressful. Besides, you will feel more weight on the surface of the scalp.

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Fusion And Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions:

Fusion hair extensions, also known as bonding or pre-bonded extensions are put in the natural hairs with the help of adhesive like glue. Further, the process involves a machine similar to the hot glue gun, which sticks the hairs to the individual strands of natural hairs. They are semi-permanent and need a professional to bring them out. Also, the application and removal process can be messy as the petroleum-based glue or adhesives damages natural locks and can cause hair loss.

Flat-Tip Hair Extension:

Flat-tip extensions are in-between tape-in and micro beaded ones. They are installed with 360-degree movement and lay flatter against the head.

Whether in waves, swishy ponytail, loose waves, the result with the extension will only be natural looking hairs! Just pick the texture as per your hairs, put them in your hairs and get the instant glam in a blaze!

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