Email Marketing Checklist for Social Media

A well-executed and executed email marketing campaign can be a sign that you are trustworthy to your recipients. This best-practice email marketing checklist will help you review your email campaign before it goes out.

A list of pre-launch checks is very useful if you are responsible for the quality of your email marketing campaigns.

This checklist can be used to review your email campaigns

This is the best way to use it before you send out an email campaign. Download it now to see any issues you might have before you launch your email campaign.

Before you send an email newsletter, make sure to use the email marketing pre-launch checklist. Even the most experienced email marketing professionals can make mistakes and forget to check a few things. Murphy’s Law comes in handy. A checklist of everything you need to check and double-check can ensure your email newsletter has the best chance of success.

  • Launch your email marketing campaigns with success
  • Avoid common mistakes in email marketing
  • Increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns
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This email checklist will be of great help to you:

Text and content

  • All of the default template content has been replaced, including old pre-headers or alt-tags
  • To correct grammar and style errors, the text must be reread.
  • To make it simple to digest, we use short sentences and clear text that is free of jargon.
  • All text and content are subject to spell-check
  • All information contained in an email is correct


  • Each link is identified as a link
  • Information that is confusing, contradictory, or unneeded is removed
  • It is clear and concise.
  • Your brand can be easily identified by your email address and from the name

Analytics and Reporting

  • Every subscriber’s behavior is recorded, in both the email and beyond.
  • Write down what you expect from your email.
  • It is planned that we will review the email marketing results and learn from our mistakes.
  • It is possible to use a fixed reporting format


  • The campaign is sent out to those who are interested in your messages
  • All recipients have opted in to receive this message. Your email conforms to (local) laws
  • Select the correct list, it will have the expected number of subscribers
  • This list is current. The list is updated with new opt-ins, unsubscribes, and inactives.
  • All fields required for dynamic content or personalization have been filled in. Alternatives are available


  • It is clear what readers should do.
  • There are compelling reasons to act now
  • The landing page is more actionable than email.
  • The Call to Action is clear, concise, and powerful.

Functional Testing

  • All emails have links that can be clicked, even linked images. These links will take you to the correct pages
  • All aspects of the flow are tested. All processes (order, registration, etc.) are tested.
  • The render test has been completed. The email looks great across all email clients
  • As expected, all personalization and dynamic content work
  • This email is optimized to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Strong subject lines

  • Your subject line for your email should be magnetic and say “I want this to open now”.
  • To come up with the best subject line, you should try at least 15 different ways.
  • All subject lines will have to be tested
  • The subject line’s first 45/50 characters are counted
  • The subject line is matched by the offer and its content

Essential elements

  • An unsubscribe link or preference center link is visible on the email
  • The email is sent in plain text. It is then checked and optimized.
  • Disclaimers, copyright, and privacy policies are all taken into consideration
  • You will find a link to view your email online.
  • If applicable, social sharing and connecting are encouraged

The email with value-added

  • This email contains a great deal and/or killer content
  • Emails have been improved using insights from previous campaigns
  • This offer explains the benefits to them.
  • Subscribers have a way to reach you.
  • Images and Design
  • Subscribers who have images disabled can understand the email and take action
  • Alt-text can be used to identify important images
  • Images support the main message and text of the email
  • Email design, tone-of-voice, color, and design are consistent with the brand
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  • This checklist will be used every time I send out an email campaign
  • The email is sent when it is most likely that the recipient will read it.
  • Send the email at most 30 minutes following its completion, or preferably for a whole day.
  • Split tests are performed for a full day before the winner is sent to the email list
  • We give you a thumbs-up. We have received all the approvals you need for your email.

Final check: Make sure there are benefits to sending the message for the short and  Long-term. It should be clear and have goals. Everything is now done. Now ask yourself: “If this message were for me, it would be valuable to me.”

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Manpreet Sabharwal is a Digital Marketing Expert and CEO of Snap Visibility, a digital marketing platform that provides A to Z digital marketing services to all types of businesses. She loves search engines and does SEO exercises for dinner. Having been in the industry for many years, she has helped some small businesses meet their long-term sales goals. Whether it is generating leads for a business or improving your online presence on search engines or providing SEO Services India, Manpreet Sabharwal is an expert player in all of these.

She is a specialist in search engine optimization, local search, usability business improvement, PPC, Content marketing, and social media marketing.


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