In any industry, there are many such tasks which can’t be handled easily. In that scenario, if the refrigerant recovery machine is used, then that can reduce work time and it can work with very little supervision. You get newer and better features in recovery units due to the upgradation of technology continuously with time. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the best recovery system according to your needs. This a guide which will help you to select the best one.

Factors to consider before buying a refrigerant recovery machine

Among various factors, the most important factor is that the unit must be suitable for your need and beside that price, size, and recovery speed are some of the other factors. Below mentioned few such factors in detail:

  • Weight: You have to choose the unit which is lighter as that will help you to transport it around with ease. Lightweight units are also easy to get to areas like ceilings and rooftops. Various brands are trying to fit all the necessary features in a compact design. If you are looking for a recovery unit for the small-scale job, then lightweight ones are the most suitable ones.
  • Easily portable: Heaviness of the machine decides its portability. If you want one for residential purpose, then it is wise to go for the lightweight ones as they are easily portable but in case of industrial and commercial application, heavier recovery units must be preferred as they come with more features.
  • Choosing the cylinder: Some recovery machines come with twin cylinders and they are more efficient as they take less time to perform a task but they are heavy to carry around. Whereas if you are choosing the single cylinder units then they are slower but more affordable and portable. So, you have to make the choice according to your need.
  • Speed: The units with faster recovery speeds are very helpful. The twin cylinder units recover faster in comparison to single cylinder ones. In modern recovery units, oil-less compressors are used for boosting efficiency and they are an even cleaner option.

Qualities present in a refrigerant recovery machine:

  1. The unit must be compact, lightweight and easy to carry. It must be able to handle all those tasks that usually other recovery units fail to do.
  2. The durability of the material must be ensured, and for that, it must be made of heavy-duty material. Ergonomic cross-flow design is one such feature which will optimize the internal performance of the unit.
  3. There must be a harmony between condenser and fan so that refrigerant cycle time of the unit is reduced. All the necessary controls must be located at the top which increases convenience.
  4. The refrigerant must be compatible with all liquid and gaseous refrigerants like chlorofluorocarbon, Hydrochlorofluorocarbon and Hydrofluorocarbon.


Therefore, through this guide, it could be concluded that the refrigerant recovery machine should be compact and it must have advanced technology to handle both light and heavy workloads. It is highly recommended that such recovery units are chosen which are easy to operate.

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