Today, Charter Telecommunications announced a construction project of $1.7 million to expand its fiber-rich networks to the Pardeeville and Fall River villages. It will result in the high-speed broadband internet and suite of the Service of Spectrum to more than 2000 houses and businesses across the two agricultural commodities.

With this expansion, it will be easy for the businesses and homes in the Pardeeville and Fall River to gain access to the three service of Spectrum that are Spectrum Internet, Spectrum TV, and Spectrum home phone service. The starting internet speed by Charter state of the art broadband network is calculated to be 100Mbps. The rate can, however, reach up to 300Mbps in coming days. In fact, by the need of 2018, the company is willfully launching its 1-gigabit speed in all 41 states of US.

The area Vice president in Wisconsin of the charter, Ralph Newcomb said:  “Charter Communications is pleased to bring the services to the villages of Pardeeville and Fall River, and we appreciate the partnership with state government and officials of the village.” Further, he added, “these network build-outs reflect our commitment to serve an expensive list of Wisconsin communities-many of which are known as rural, with population beneath 5000.”

As per the statement of the State Broadband Director, Angie Dickison: “Access to reliable high-speed internet service is becoming the necessary part of the life of Wisconsin’s families and businesses. Charter’s broadband investment in Pardeeville and Fall River brings us another step closer to achieving Wisconsin’s goal of bringing broadband access to every corner of our state.”

The Wisconsin state is continuously offering its full support for the broadband infrastructure investment, acknowledging the crucial role that broadband is playing for improving quality of life and economic development.

The president of Pardeeville Village Bob Becker consider the build of Charter’s network in his community a big win both for the residents and businesses of the village

“Pardeeville is open for businesses,” he said quoting the fact that two years ago, Charter expanded the network of fiber optics to meet the needs of commercial customers. After a year, the conversation began with Charter for connecting the small businesses and residents with the village limit:” the villagers of Pardeeville are under-served with the current option, and I think this is going to be very good for Pardeeville. We have heard from several residents and small business owners who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Charter.”

The Village President of River Fall Jeff Slotten said that the decision of Charter decision of investing in Fall River is like an asset for the residents of the village.

“Charter’s investment in our community provides the residents with an alternative. With this effort, we can proudly market Fall River as a prime and growing community for families and business that want the best of both worlds: an atmosphere of a small town along with access to a growing industrial sector and extensive amenities for the residents of the village, such as access to high-speed broadband.”

The construction by Charter in Pardeeville is winding up, and the company will start marketing the services in the months and weeks to come. The development in the Fall River is underway, and Spectrum plans to advertise the services to the residents of the area by the end of 2018.

Over the years Charter has invested billions of dollars for improvement regarding infrastructure of the company through unleashing the power of an advanced fully interactive fiber-rich network. Via this movement to all-digital networks, customers can enjoy the most HD channels, more content in on-demand feature and fastest internet. Charter is famous in the provision of features with uniform and straightforward pricing that has no contract or an early fee of termination. The customers can back up the service with the 30-day money back guarantee. The company is continually working in making the customer service better through returning call center jobs to the US. The company is also insourcing its workforce by adding hundreds of employees to meet the growing customer demand.

The company holds an extensive area in Wisconsin, serving customers in more than 775 commodities. More than 50% of these communities hold 5000 population. Charter in Wisconsin has 3725 employees for catering the customer’s need well.  The company has office throughout the state including the major centers in Fond du Lac, Milwaukee, and Appleton.

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Regarding Charter

Charter is the leading broadband company in the US and the third largest cable company in the country. Spectrum Cable Company offers its users with the full range of digital solutions that include Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, and Spectrum Voice. With Spectrum Business users can access scalable, tailored and cost-effective connection of broadband service along with other facilities such as business-to-business Internet access, networking of data, business telephone, music and video entertainment feature along with wireless backhaul. The production service and advertising sale of Charter are sold under the name of Spectrum. The news and sports network are operated under the name of Spectrum Network brand. Besides the official website, users can subscribe to the digital solutions by Charter through its authorized retailers like Charter Bundle Deals etc.

By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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