How to change the Netflix Region to Any Country

Do you ever wonder what people did before Netflix or even the internet? Sure, we read books and went to the movies. Remember DVDs or even video players though? Did you know that today, there’s even something called The Netflix Effect? The impact on Netflix has been so huge that it’s changed our habits and made streaming so popular. It’s no surprise therefore that we all keep wanting more. You can only do that by accessing the whole Netflix library and if you know how to change the Netflix region

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What is The Netflix Effect?

  • Binge-watching propels an actor’s career
  • Escapism through binge-watching 

Essentially, the Netflix Effect is when an actor or actress becomes famous overnight due to millions of viewers binge-watching a series. The term binge-watching itself is now only really associated with watching Netflix. However, anyone above a certain age probably remembers binge-watching video cassettes over the weekend at some point in their lives. Either way, we become so addicted to the characters and the story we’re following that we don’t want to leave them. Some might even take it so far as to not want to go back to their realities. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with escapism and the odd marathon viewing but like everything, it’s all about balance. Too much escapism can make us feel cut off from people which can lead us into a spiral of loneliness and depression. The key is to see how many hours of Netflix a week feel healthy to you, such that you can still lead a balanced life. The flip side, of course, is that Netflix is such a fantastic platform, giving us easy access to some brilliant shows. Netflix has also made acting more accessible to all those aspiring actors struggling to make it. Isn’t it wonderful to give more people a chance in their careers? 

Our Changing Habits 

  • The revolution of streaming
  • Curiosity about Netflix libraries across the world 

Netflix has been a revolution in how we approach entertainment. We can all watch such a huge variety of shows exactly when we want, so much so that increasing numbers of people are no longer buying cable TV. Netflix has allowed us as customers to be completely flexible with how we watch things. Whereas traditionally, the cable is bundled with internet and phone lines. Today, we see a slow unbundling of services in different countries. 

All of this naturally makes people hungry for more. Netflix releases new shows constantly, but many want access to even wider afield. In fact, every country has a specific library on offer and the content can be vastly different. Now that most people operate globally with friends and contacts across the world, people tend to compare notes on Netflix shows. Curiosity is a powerful thing that easily motivates people to change the Netflix region in order to access more shows. 

What are the Technologies to Help You Change Netflix Region?

  • Virtual Private Network or VPN
  • Decentralized Virtual Private Network or DVPN 


You may already be aware of VPN technology to help you change the Netflix region. However, the main purpose of this technology is security. It was originally developed by Microsoft to allow corporations to send and receive data securely to the internet. Everything is encrypted and it’s that much harder to hack which, in this day and age, is a huge priority for many people. The added bonus is that it allows you to operate from anywhere in the world such that you can change the Netflix region simply by amending the location settings. You can then log into Netflix and access the library linked to that location. 


A more recent development now leverages blockchain technology to give you even more cybersecurity. DVPN is a marketplace where people share unused bandwidth. On the other hand, a VPN provider still operates around a central owner that can access your data. Unfortunately, VPN owners have been known to sell their users’ data to marketing companies which is a concern for many people. By joining a dVPN network though, you are completely secure and of course, you can still change the Netflix region. 

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Final Thoughts on How To Change Netflix Region 

Digital technology is both exciting and impressive. Unfortunately though, like most things, it can be abused and cybercrime is constantly on the rise. VPN and DVPN technology offers security and peace of mind. There’s also the added bonus of allowing you to change the Netflix region. You can therefore enjoy all the shows you want to access both legally and safely. What more could you possibly want? Of course, don’t forget to bring a little balance to your life and find the tricks that work for you so that you can switch off Netflix and go and meet real people. You can then treat yourself to your own binge-watching stints completely guilt-free. Now that’s what we call fun. 


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