CardSlider for Android

Are you planning to create travelling app then this library named CardSlider for Android give you a beautiful UI to your application. This library create by Ramotion, Inc. and they create very beautiful android libraries.

Preview : CardSlider for Android
Preview : CardSlider for Android

First of all we discuss our earlier another Ramotion library post  named ExpandingCollection Android Library and see the demo of this library :


Let’s move on CardSlider for Android


  • Android 4.4 KitKat (API lvl 19) or greater
  • Your favorite IDE(Android Studio or IntelliJ or our old friend Ecllipse)


​ Just download the package from here and add it to your project classpath, or just use the maven repo:




libraryDependencies += "com.ramotion.cardslider" % "card-slider" % "0.1.0"



Basic usage

CardSlider is a custom LayoutManager for RecyclerView. You can attach it to RecyclerView from code or XML layout.

Here are the attributes you can specify in the constructor or XML layout:

  • activeCardLeft – Active card offset from start of RecyclerView. Default value is 50dp.
  • cardWidth – Card width. Default value is 148dp.
  • cardsGap – Distance between cards. Default value is 12dp.

For card snapping, there is CardSnapHelper class.

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    recyclerView = (RecyclerView) findViewById(;
    recyclerView.setLayoutManager(new CardSliderLayoutManager(this););

    new CardSnapHelper().attachToRecyclerView(recyclerView);

You can find this and other, more complex, examples in this repository ​and for this download this CardSlider for Android Library.

Download CardSlider for Android project

That’s it!!

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