Understanding and having thorough knowledge about coding is an initial process to becoming an excellent FileMaker developer. The primary role of developers is that they work for computer companies in order to publish software which will be helpful and beneficial for the organization.

In addition, the FileMaker developers are responsible for the overall design, maintenance, and testing the programs that they have developed through data management systems or word processing. They may create customized software for the benefit of an organization to serve its wide array of customers.

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So, what makes an individual a perfect developer? What qualities must he possess in order to be a certified FileMaker developer? In this article, we’d like to help you understand the qualities that a FileMaker developer should have to make sure that he can authentically perform his job.

Systematic and Analytical Mindset

To be a qualified and certified FileMaker developer, one must have excellent thinking when it comes to system levels. You must have a great problem-solving passion no matter who you stand as a developer because there is a huge world you need to look when it comes to programming.

Furthermore, you must have the ability to balance everything regardless if you are thinking about a small picture or too big details.

Inquisitiveness and Curiosity

In some cases where you develop code for certain software, you may sometimes meet codes that don’t work. If this situation arises, do not be afraid to ask questions and always give yourself a room for learning by asking questions.

In addition, if you are assigned to work on a big project you must be comfortable in working with your superiors, peers, and clients and do not forget to open up your questions to them so that you will have a thorough understanding about the project’s requirements and expectations.

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Lastly, a good FileMaker developer is willing to take experiments regardless if you are working on existing software development or a new project.

Empathy and Togetherness

In the process, if making or developing software, the primary interest you should consider is the ability of your target users to use it. Always put yourself on the user’s perspective wherein your team, your customers, and their client can relate to your system.

Versatility or Flexibility

When you are a FileMaker developer, coding is an unpredictable type of job; thus, you have to be very flexible in learning all the coding angles and styles so that you will fully master the art programming no matter what you are coding.

Moreover, you should also have the skill to scope or switch projects unexpectedly, get back up, and be able to pick yourself up where you left off. Also, you should be able to acknowledge some issues especially when they arise surprisingly and not on time. Besides, adjusting to the dynamic needs of the computer industry is also something you need to be versatile about as FileMaker developer.

Passion for Learning

In the computer programming world, learning new things is always around the corner. It is a must that you have a passion for learning new things and at the same time, you are open to expanding your deep knowledge when it comes to coding.

Likewise, the tech industry is constantly growing each day and that you have to equip yourself with up-to-date programming trends, new technologies, and various styles that will help your coding job more effective.     

Sensible and Realistic

Always bear in mind that there’s a thin line between applying a correct solution over giving out the best solution. Applying a best and realistic solution to every software challenges that an organization need is the most practical thing you can provide.

Also, as a FileMaker developer, there are different advice and teachings you will get from your peers and mentors which you should take them constructively too, but it is always a requirement that you have to value your own output and analytical abilities in achieving deliverable results.


As a FileMaker developer working for a certain company, you will always have the chance to work with other people across the country; thus, professional communication and collaboration is a need in order to attain the company’s success.

Aside from that,  you may also get the chance to work with other departments in your company so you need to deal with other staffs professionally too.

A Technical Mindset

Once you work as a FileMaker developer, you have to understand that dealing with your working computer daily. You may feel tired all the time especially that coding is boring; however, this is a part of your job and you have to fully embrace it.

Lastly, being able to work comfortably with your computers along with other devices you will use is also a requirement.


It is undeniably true that working to become one of the excellent filemaker consultants deems a lot of responsibility and patience in all aspects. Coding, making, developing, and publishing software is not an easy task to take.

Therefore, the qualities specified above should help you assess yourself in making sure that you do not only perform as a FileMaker developer but definitely a certified and guaranteed FileMaker developer.

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