7 Tips to Get Your Teenager Clean Their Room

It could be disheartening and incredibly frustrating to deal with a teenager who is finding it difficult to clean their space. As a parent, there are so many helpful things you can do to get your children involved. The aim of this article is to inspire you on 7 tips that will motivate your teens to clean their room today:


Make it fun and make it convenient 

It is very unrealistic to tell your teenager that they must clean their rooms before they leave for school in the next 5 minutes- this can disorganize them, and/ or make them feel unhappy. Instead, what you should do is to gently agree with them on a suitable time they can clean it. 

It can be immediately they wake up in the morning, or even when they return after school or during their leisure in the evening. Also, allow them to be playing their favorite music as they clean, it is always fun to groove to the music while they clean and give them the privilege of enjoying the time in their own space. 

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Set a good example

 You really need to live by example. You can’t expect your teenagers to keep their rooms clean while your room or the rest of the house is untidy. Keep in mind that teenagers are highly responsive to our actions and inactions rather than what we tell them. If you are someone that derives great pleasure in cleaning your room, there is every possibility that they will be happy and fulfilled to do the same.

Use task-oriented consequence 

Another good way of making your teen be committed to the room cleaning schedule is to keep a certain privilege on hold until they have successfully done the task. For example, today, if you decide that your teen will never play a game or their computer until a certain part of the task, is duly confirmed. Once your teen has completed the room task, they can continue to play their favorite games. 

Furthermore, you can set up a weekend room cleaning expectation. This can mean that the teen doesn’t need to do any particular privilege during the weekend until their room is confirmed to be in a top form.

 Keep in mind what you mean by a cleanroom. This doesn’t mean that your teen will clean the room on their terms, but using rewards and consequences will help them to learn the desired behavior over time. 

You really need to determine and show them what it means to have a clean room- provide them with the skills and opportunities they truly need to get this done. Supply them with the right cleaning tools will enable them to perform at an optimal level. 

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Let them call some of the shots

Although it is their space, this is your house. So, it is your duty to inform your teens how their rooms should look like. Tell them that you expect their rooms to be well cleaned, tidied, and kept in a certain standard, but they have the capacity to control every aspect of the room. Give your teens the privilege of rearranging the furniture, choosing their paint, posters, bed sheets, and décor. 

It may not really be easy to relinquish a part of your room to your teens. But, you may have to do it if it will really make them responsible. They will work hard to keep it nice if you can tell them that they are 100% in charge of their rooms and that you will be supervising it periodically. 

Divide and conquer

 Try to divide the room of your teen into quadrants and ask them to work at a particular section at a time. Breaking them into pieces will be extremely helpful to them. 

Give the kids pride of place

Giving your teens a pride of place will make them truly responsible. If your teens feel that a specific part of the room belongs to them will motivate them to keep it fresh, clean, and tidy; it can even motivate them to organize the pictures, beds, furniture, etc in their rooms to the way they want. A vacuum cleaner helps in removing the deeply embedded particles quickly and efficiently. In case you are looking for professional cleaners, Bliss Cleaning Rusper in Horsham” is worth your consideration. 

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Set reasonable standards for health and safety

You need to set reasonable standards for cleaning of health issues like moldering laundry, dirty dishes, and garbage- all these are not negotiable. 

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