6 Online Tools that Every Entrepreneur Needs

If you are an entrepreneur and or in the midst of the starting up a business online, then you should know that there is no lack of startup tools for the business owners out there in the digital world.

There are a number of apps, software, and tools that will help you with operations, team coordination, marketing, sales, accounting and a lot more. You can choose the right tool as per your business demands. Sometimes, these choices can be huge and expensive. There are some of the majorly used apps and tools which will fit your pocket for sure.

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Online tools that every entrepreneur needs

There are some important online tools that you (an entrepreneur) should have and use for the purpose of good sales and the reputation of your online start-up.


Dropbox is one the cloud networking software using which you can simply air your business online. Dropbox can be the best tool to communicate with your team, staffs, and clients. It can provide you regular update with the order and other stuff. You don’t have to call up your manager every time to know the update. Just simply view the Dropbox folder in your system and view the updates and alerts from your clients and team.


To take your business online, you need to take baby steps and your first step would be opening up and website or a blog. WordPress is the renowned and a huge platform for the futures like you. It offers a variety of website options to air your business. It is free to use, you just have to purchase a domain name and a hosting for your website. It demands only some basic computer knowledge; create your website and there you are, good to go!

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Shopify online tool

We all love money, don’t we? Hence, Shopify is the right tool for your adding an online business to make it comfortable in adding a shopping cart to your website. Shopify is safe software that enables you for every type of transactions with your customer, even a PayPal transfer.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the best advertising tool for beginners in the business world. Google AdWords can be expensive and daunting for the buds in the industry. Hence, it is recommended that you use Facebook Ads to advertise your business online. It is very effective. Facebook has the talent to target the whole globe, and therefore it would create more sales than any other advertising or marketing tool.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can track all the insights of your website. It actually traces the audiences those who have visited, ordered or given suggestions to your business. These insights can help you with the keywords to use, from where are your audience coming from, and other geographical details.


Not just the above-mentioned tools, there are a lot of different tools to help the entrepreneurs grow in the industry. These tools will help you a lot with your daily business routines.

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