4 Must – Own Apple Devices

Apple fans often receive criticism for being too dedicated towards the brand. However, the fact remains that they all have their own reasons for doing so. Once you get an Apple product, you are naturally inclined to buy more. Apple gadgets are not just a status symbol, something to show off but also worth adding to your collection due to the immense benefits on offer. Whether you have been owning apple gadgets and even got them upgraded/repaired at one of the Apple service centers, Saket, or are new in the league, here are some of the Apple products that you must own:

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Apple TV

When you think of apple devices, the obvious thing to come to mind is an iPhone. Right next in line is the Apple TV. It serves as an ideal tool for those who use streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix and for those who are fond of streaming music. You can set up your Apple TV to watch YouTube and even for displaying anything on your Macbook or iPhone. Supreme high-quality videos are the hallmark of Apple TVs which makes watching a delightful experience.


If you don’t have an AirPod companion to your iPhone yet, you are missing out a lot. While there are several options out there in the market for one to choose from when it comes to earbuds, AirDrops definitely take the league with its supreme functionality. Efficient portable chargers and long battery life are ideal for weekend binges and long journeys. Apple aesthetic with perfect ergonomics, what else to ask for?


MacBooks are sleek and have a class. They command respect and are best for working professionals who have to spend a lot of time on their laptops. While MacBook Air is the first obvious choice, MacBook Pro is ideal for those who like even better processing power and other superior features. If you want to own a device that can eliminate the use of all the computers and handle everything single-handedly, MacBook Pro is the most obvious choice.

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Are you someone who watches Netflix in bed or someone who prefers bigger screens while playing video games? If the answer is yes, then an iPad ought to be a part of your lifestyle. It is convenient to carry and use and can serve multiple purposes. Given its size and convenience, it’s definitely a must-own item for all the Apple fans out there. 

Own these devices or gift them to someone, one thing is sure, these gadgets will make life easier. When planning to buy the best Apple gadgets, visit the Apple store, Select CITYWALK for an ultimate shopping experience. Do not forget to check out accessories and other things that will compliment your devices. When faced with any issues, Apple Service Centre, Saket to the rescue. Happy shopping.

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