10 Tech Tips And Advice For Homeowners

How many of you remember the “House of the Future”? This well-known Disneyland exhibition showed a futurist dwelling with all the modern-day appliances they could’ve imagined back in the ’60s. Remember that the future meant the 1980s for the creators of fantastic exhibitions, which drew over 20 million visitors in a decade! They showed different “groundbreaking technologies” such as dishwashers, microwaves, and landlines with videoconferencing capabilities. However, today’s conception of a smart home has even surpassed what Cold War-era Americans could fathom. Technology has almost become crucial for homeowners in the 21st century. So, let’s discuss some vital tech tips for modern-day homeowners.

Home-based technology for you

Technology isn’t a luxury for the wealthy anymore! It has become necessary to survive the challenges of a modern-day lifestyle. Long gone are the days when smart locks and robot vacuums were affordable only to the world’s elites! Today, our below-mentioned tech tips are beneficial to every homeowner and apartment-renter who wishes to make their lives as convenient and hassle-free as possible. That’s why a homeowner should consider furnishing a newly-bought residence with the marvels of technology today. These gadgets make your house more comfortable, thereby letting you enjoy some free time. Let’s state some of the most popular advanced house-based innovations one can easily purchase online in 2022:

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Use storage apps:

First, let’s talk about decluttering. Removing needless objects from your house can hone your mental health while giving you more space to place your essentials. However, homeowners often have lots of objects with some sentimental attachment. That’s why they may transfer these things to storage facilities. Many storage facilities give you access to these facilities through a storage app that allows you to ensure the security of your belongings. Check the access history, monitor on-site activities at your home, and contact the facility with your phone. That’s how your stuff remains secure easily!

Track your animals:

Moving to another residence means watching over your animals closely; they can get easily missed. That’s why homeowners should invest in GPS tracking collars for finding their furry friends without a problem! Available for $130 for Walmart, these trackers are connected to your smartphone. So, you can receive proper updates and real-time notifications about your pets. With power batteries, there is no need to charge these trackers constantly. This gadget can protect your animals after moving.

Make doorbells smarter:

You may have heard of smart locks, doorbells, and other smart household appliances. So, your house becomes even safer with these keyless, automated, and touchpad-enabled smart locks. Now, you can lock and unlock your house by pushing a button on your smartphone! On the other hand, smart doorbells let you speak to people arriving at your door even when you’re somewhere else. No more forgetting to receive a package because the house was empty! Stay connected with smart gadgets.

Get smarter kitchens:

Even your kitchen can become smarter thanks to home-based technological innovations. A kitchen’s not capable of cooking food – however – you can utilize the internet to look at what’s stashed inside the fridge. But that’s not it! Smart kitchens can also monitor your daily calorie intake and allow folks to watch precisely what they eat. Add some essentials to your grocery list by scanning the barcodes of the products you’re putting in the garbage. That’s how your kitchen will always remain updated.

Replace your bulbs:

Homeowners often get paranoid about whether they have switched off all the lights. So, your house can benefit from a smart lighting system. This system helps you save on monthly bills, whereas homeowners can stay safe thanks to automated lighting. They prevent robberies by alerting people when there’s a breaking-and-entering going on in the house. You can wake up in the morning thanks to automated lighting as well. So, replace your bulbs and install some automated lights right now.

Maintain the temperature:

Everybody’s after energy efficiency today, and homeowners should invest in smart thermostats now. These thermostats don’t just make you energy-efficient but also allow you to control the household temperature from anywhere! It’s believed that people can save 10-15 percent on HVAC by installing these smart devices. Just teach these thermostats your preferences and adjust your climate according to your wishes. So, you can maintain the temperature according to your comfort and console.

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Hire a Roomba:

Instead of getting human cleaners, why not recruit a Roomba to keep your house tidy! These robotic devices are dedicated to cleaning your apartment. You can trust this compact machine to clean your dwelling without annoying residents. A Roomba will clean the house when everyone’s asleep or people are at work. Yes, these robot cleaners may be expensive, but this investment seems sensible. So, keep your house dust-free this summer by putting some robots on the house-cleaning job now.

Purchase virtual helpers:

We’re NOT talking about phone-based personal assistants. Today, virtual helpers have become small devices you can place on your nightstand. Give verbal commands to these things and automate the house! Ask these helpers to play another song, order groceries, and do several menial tasks without leaving the bed. Alexa has become a common example of these virtual helpers. Don’t allow your children to play with them often lest they order something pricey with your credit card info.

Feed your pets:

Do you often forget to feed that little feline creature? Well, technology can help homeowners make their pets never go hungry again! Just get a smart pet-feeding device in the house, and your pets can get their meals on time even if you’re not at home. So, you can manage what, when, and how much these animals shall eat. Also, these gadgets let you give some food to your pets remotely. Your pets can always stay under your observation, and you can monitor their well-being from anywhere.

Grow plants online:

Hydroponics has revolutionized indoorsy gardening today because homeowners can easily make their dwellings fresh. You can now purchase a self-contained hydroponics system for only $80 from Amazon. It doesn’t require watering or sunlight; connect it to a power source and get yourself a sweet-looking domestic garden. You may raise these plants and make them grow taller as time passes. It’s a great way to have some household greenery without getting your hands dirty.

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Keeping your dwelling organized can sometimes become a monumental responsibility. However, people can create smart homes to make their residences well-arranged. Statistics have indicated that 57% of Americans have saved 30 minutes daily thanks to home-based technological innovations. Let’s have a summary of the tech tips we’ve mentioned before. Homeowners should invest in smart bulbs, doorbells, and even kitchens; everything has become smart in a modern-day residence. Automate some tasks such as feeding your pets. Clean your house with robots and use GPS collars to track your pets’ location. Also, don’t forget to use virtual assistants in the house. That’s how you can make your lifestyle better today.

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