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Tags Android ui

Tag: android ui

Add Parallax Image View Using Kotlin

Recently we discuss about some Android UI library like slanting ImageView and FAB menu with Gooey effect and in last article we explore the Parallax effect using Parallax...

How to Add Android Bootstrap style widgets with Glyph Icons?

If you need the quick web design implementation that Bootstrap provides on your Android apps, or if you just love that Android Bootstrap look...

Create UI animation like Google trend Using FancyTrendView

I take assume that you're aware from Google trends which is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how...

Make dynamic Android View using json2view library

In most of Android application we need to make dynamic Android view as per requirement that's why i come with json2view library which is a...

Create Custom Android Toast Using TastyToast Library

We all use Android Toast in our application and definitely bored with native Android Toast. You can see many way to create custom Toast...
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