Vedic Math

Mathematics is such a subject which doesn’t just carry importance in your academics, but also has its own importance in real life. I have seen many instances where people do calculations in fractions of seconds leaving everyone wondering how much of brains it takes to be this fast in the calculation. But, with time I realized that anyone and everyone can do this and can improve the speed, Vedic Maths is what they have relied upon to do this. After all, expertise comes with time. Why most of the people are poor in calculations is because of their lack of the clarity of the basic concepts. For people who get baffled seeing long formulas, Vedic maths has turned out to be a boon for such people. There are some interesting facts jotted down below glorifying the significance of Vedic Mathematics.

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There has been a general problem to every one of remembering tables, especially after 15. Almost everyone is baffled in the tables but here, you only need to learn till 9 and you are sorted. You don’t have to memorize a lot and the calculation becomes much faster than the conventional way of doing it. No finger counting or rough work and you save a lot of time. In jobs where you need to do calculations, you can actually impress people by doing the calculations without the help of a calculator. After all, in the competitive exams as well like CAT, GMAT, you are not even allowed with calculators and this is where Vedic Maths is put to use, leading you towards a better life and rank. It always helps your brain speed up and work faster than others. This is not just a better way to speeding up the calculations but can increase your concentration and confidence. When you know that you have better concentration and you are mastering the subject, it is imperative that you carry self-confidence within which is a must these days. Companies like Vedantu, the name of which is derived from Sanskrit terms Ved+Tantu, which means Knowledge + Network is also doing a great job by conveying knowledge to all the parts of the world. You can get study materials like NCERT solution for class 10 maths and many others.

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The best part I consider is that even if you or your kid is a slow learner or a quick learner, it has effectiveness in both the cases as for slow learners, it improves creativity and intelligence. For fast learners, it improves their speed and a lot more. Mathematics is such a subject which has a lot of haters because not all of the people are able to understand this really interesting subject as they look at the difficult side of it only. Now if your kid has a phobia to maths, you may not have introduced your kid to this beautiful yet simple way of doing it. The best and the most interesting part that you may not be aware of is that it develops your left as well as the right side of the brain. For those questions for which you used to do derivations and long solutions are useless now as Vedic Maths can help you reach the desired results in one or two steps. Of course, school syllabus is also mandatory to follow just like NCERT books content along with NCERT Solution as it will form the base of all your concepts. Vedic Maths is highly beneficial for competitive exams where there is no step marking. You can always rely on your answer and there is hardly any chance that you did the wrong calculation using this great idea. You get clarity of mind when you are using this great method and can also be a way of cross-checking your calculations even if you had to do the problem step-wise. People are really interested in learning this technique so that the errors can be eradicated and calculations can be improved. What else do you think is needed when you are a walking calculator and people ask you to do the basic calculations for them? If you want to learn this, let me tell you that it is never too late for anything to learn.

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