Have you ever wondered about HPE and how they became one of the best IT companies in the world, it doesn’t come that easily. From their quality parts to efficient customer service, everything needs to be looked into and made the best, with room for improvement the more they expand.

How exactly do they stand above the competition, though? While they have their own secrets, there are quite a few methods they follow to stand out!

If you’re inspired and want to follow the footsteps of top companies like HPE, then read on as I show you the different reasons why they remain on top!

Wondering how HPE continues to stay above competition? Here are three ways:

Single Vendor and Support Model

HPE offers the single vendor solutions, compared to the other markets which rely on multivendor approaches. These multivendor approaches can lead to support and technical issues along the way, which can cost a lot of time and money for both parties.

However, with HPE, they comprise storage, networking, and compute offerings. That way, you only need to contact and transact with one vendor, which is HPE.

Furthermore, HPE only has one support model. That way, clients only need to call one number for any problems and issues. Even if parts were purchased through a reseller, channel partners will have one single vendor to connect with, getting the support and resources required to take care of any issues.

Through having just one company to go to for any issues or problems (HPE), clients will not waste time or money going through different vendors trying to look for solutions to any issues or questions.

As a result, trust and customer relationships are built, which is what makes HPE continue to stay number one in many areas. They are currently number one in servers worldwide, recognized by leading organizations.

Owning the Power of Predictive Infrastructure

All companies and businesses that work with HPE are looking into predictive infrastructure. They need the predictive intelligence to ensure that all issues are identified and resolved even before it happens.

What makes HPE stand out from the rest is that their parts and products come with the power of predictive infrastructure. Through skilled engineers and employees that continue to innovate HPE’s products, the company continues to advance to cater to their clients’ needs.

Through predictive infrastructure and quality products, it frees up clients’ time to do new value-add IT, compared to simply keeping the lights on and hoping that no issues come.

Their products are now becoming more appealing to clients, which is what makes them continue to grow. With the appealing laptop designs, heigh-end devices, and better security features, their revenue continues to grow! And let’s not forget their printing revenues, which continue to keep growing and advancing. Now, they have multi-function printers and next-generation 3D printers that may become all the rage for both personal and business use.

With efficient research and the skilled employees that are well-taken cared for, they continue to excel in what they do best.

Trusted Partnerships

Last but not the least, HPE has the trusted partnerships and openness all around the company. They are seen as a trusted partner, with millions of clients worldwide.

How do they achieve this? Because of building trust within the company! It all starts within their buildings, ensuring diversity and unity in all employees. With the trust and efficiency in keeping their employees happy, they deliver the best customer services and work hard to upgrade their products for clients to enjoy.

Clients now give their trust and stand by HPE’s reputation because of their customer service, which connects directly to support engineers in a matter of minutes!

Another main reason why HPE stands against competition is because they are a shareholder-friendly company, with amazing returns and the positive delivery for years. This is why there are many people who look into HPE as a sound investment, which then gives the company more funds to advance.

Wrapping It Up

HPE doesn’t only offer the quality service and products for their customers. They also focus on their employees and the company as a whole. Through their excellent standards and power in research, they are able to rise against the competition and remain the leaders of IT.

I hope that this article on HPE gave you an idea on how you and your company can succeed. Use these as a starting point in achieving your goals today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips on staying ahead of competition, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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