How Power Platform And Training Can Aid Companies To Reopen Their Facilities Smoothly

The unexpected onset of the pandemic has surely changed the way organizations operate. Many companies have digitalized their systems and shifted employees to remote work. Fast forward a few months – the lockdown restrictions have been eased in most states. 

Organizations are now looking for ways to make the back-to-office transition a smooth one for their employees, whilst maintaining strict health and safety practices. One proven way which has been helping firms across the world is by undertaking Power Platform training, such as Power BI, Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 courses. 


Unleash The Power Of Microsoft Power Platform 

Imagine combining the power of three successful business applications into one platform. That’s Microsoft Power Platform for you. The application amalgamates Power BI, PowerApps, and Power Automate into one super platform to simplify technical tasks such as data analysis, automation, communication, and crisis management. You can use Power Platform along with Dynamics 365, Office 365, other Microsoft applications, as well as third-party applications.

Power Platform offers solutions that promote a safe and productive working environment. By using this application, employees from non-technical backgrounds won’t have to depend on their IT peers to create data analytic tools for them. Applications can be easily customized without the need for coding. Employees can improve their productivity too by using applications to plan and manage their work

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Microsoft Power Platform Applications That Helps You Stay Ahead 

Here are some of the highlighted modules and applications within Power Platform that aim to help companies manage their office reopening with ease:

Facility Safety Management App

By using the app, facility managers can view a list of company branches that have high cases of COVID-19 and closely monitor them to decide on the tentative facility reopening dates. Even after the offices are open, facility managers can view occupancy metrics and guest registrations to ensure that their employees’ health and safety are not jeopardized.

Location Readiness Dashboard

Business continuity managers (BCM) and team leads can make use of this dashboard to handle the back-to-office transition effortlessly. The dashboard offers key COVID-19 metrics, including new cases, total fatalities in different locations, etc. BCMs can view the ‘readiness checklist’ to plan the date of reopening. Employee response to the reopening can also be gauged as it is an important factor to consider while deciding the scheduled date of reopening.

Workplace Care Management Dashboard

The dashboard aims at giving Health and Safety leads the ability to monitor COVID-19 cases and clusters in any of the office facilities. They can make use of the metrics to implement new safety guidelines for their employees. 

Each employee’s data will be fed in the system and if they come in close proximity with any other employees, the latter will be listed as contacts. If an employee is not feeling well, the leads can highlight the employee and notify the contacts to ensure everyone’s safety.

Employee Return To The Workplace App

Designed for employees, this app helps employees understand if they are eligible to go back to their respective offices, and if they have any apprehensions in doing so. The app gives employees a pass which they would need should they use their office premises. Most spaces are designed for keeping social distancing norms in mind. So, employees can use the app to book their space and view the seating of any given area/room.

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Power Platform Training – Let Your Workforce Stay Up-To-Date

Power Platform implementation has been a huge success amongst various industries, including corporates, conglomerates, healthcare, finance, etc., across the world. Companies that have lauded the application have seen positive changes by implementing digital technology to transform their business in trying times as the pandemic. 

As companies are committed to ensuring workplace safety Power Platform can help them deploy excellent health and safety practices for their workforce. To keep your workforce on top of the new platform, you can consider offering them Power Platform training. Online training would be a better option as this can be done without disrupting the workflow. 

Today, there are reputable training providers that offer Power Platform training to give companies the ability to work productively during a crisis. Due to the current pandemic situation, Virtual Instructor-Led training and webinars have become quite popular. Dynamics 365 courses are also in high demand, as Dynamics 365 is a popular ERP solution that Power Platform requires. These courses can be aligned to suit every individual’s work timings. 

Our Two Cents 

Just as any other application, Power Platform is also being updated with new enhancements and added features. When you’re looking for training programs, make sure that the provider incorporates all the latest updates in their training materials.  Technological transformation is the way to stay ahead even during a pandemic. Let’s embrace the change and equip your employees with Power Platform training.

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