So, you have now made your decision of moving to China!

China has so many things to offer; the countryside’s rivers, Chinese festival, delicious dishes and the lifestyle. It’s a place with high-speed railways, modernized buildings, large metro system, and beautiful skyscrapers. However, it can be little frustrating and can bring significant changes because of diverse culture and language.

Of course, the life in the country will be different from the one you have lived back in the home and you will face impediments.

Nevertheless, things can work with ease, if you have prior knowledge about the city. Here are few things you can expect in the country:

Language and Culture

Life in China can be exciting, challenging, rewarding and unique! So, before you plan to land in the country, know about the place and then move. Read books about China, their language, culture and all other things. Have an overview of areas you wish to travel in China, know what they are popular with and what’s not.

 Cost of Living

The cost of living in China completely depends on which city you will live in. For instance, Beijing offers high cost of living as compared to other cities in China. No matter which city you are living in, your most of the payment will go in rents; especially, when you want a high-class living, good apartment, nice location, and high-end amenities.

You can find cheap and affordable places that you perhaps have to share with others, or you have to move to outskirts.

Besides, the transportation, phone and internet bills, utility bills, and other expenses are cheap. You will live quite a frugal lifestyle, but you can save more if you stay smartly.

Shopping Expenses

Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are full of expats and to fulfill their needs, there are many grocery and shopping stores that would give you everything at a high amount. The grocery stores will offer you sliced meat, freshly baked bread, many imported things, delicious wine and other things you would need in your kitchen.

However, you can purchase things from supermarkets. But go prepared, you will not see welcoming faces, perhaps you have to fight for the best product. You can also look for local markets and shops for tasty and mouth-watering snacks.

Bargain to Save More!

You should bargain when shopping in China. However, there are places where you shouldn’t negotiate. For instance, if you are buying at a department store, shopping mall or local shops, you shouldn’t bargain.

However, when hauling local markets that are primarily for tourists, you should bargain. Initially, you will be quoted with a high price, but don’t pay more than 50% of their said price. Also, the bargaining miracle will be more effective if you talk them in their tongue and body language. Same goes for big markets; you can bargain but don’t expect them to cut half of the price.

 Delicious Food

China has a full gamut of delicious dishes that would please you. You will find western food in almost every area. The most popular food in China is rice, millet, steamed bread, potato, sweet potato, and meat. Moreover, dishes like noodles, steamed stuffed buns, cakes, with local flavors to make your platter amazing and pleasing. Furthermore, if you want the meal to be delivered to your doorstep, you have to take best VPN for China and get it delivered with ease.

While the food in every city is quite pleasing, some remote areas perhaps don’t have an appetizing meal. Besides, no matter where you are dining in, keep in mind the sanitation, health and cleanliness.

Household Chores are Cheap!

Hire an ‘ayi’ (housekeeper) at an affordable price to get the job done for you. Although you can also do it yourself, many housekeepers are ready to work for you at cheap rates. Look at your apartment’s preferences and your budget, and then hire the one. You can even buy household products at reasonable prices to clean your apartment.

Transportation in China

As a foreigner or expatriate, it is quite challenging to get a driver’s license to drive in China. So, use public transport to get along to the city. Although the public transports are cheap, they are insanely filled with people thumping one another.

You can also use e-bikes or can ramble around to get everything.

So, now that you are well aware of the city get up and move with ease. Make sure to have a Chinese passport and currency to be in the city.


By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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