Hi everyone and welcome to this session on install JMeter beginner tutorial so this is going to be a series on JMeter and we will be going a step by step in a very basic manner on how to install JMeter and then how to configure it and how to use it for various performance testing needs.

I’ll be showing you this session and this tutorial on JMeter and because JMeter is a java application so it is platform independent you do not have to worry on the platform or the operating system you are using whether you are using a Mac or a Windows.

Install JMeter

So let us begin and let us see how exactly we install JMeter.

Check Java is installed on your system

Okay, so this is kind of a prerequisite for having JMeter working on your system so you have to check whether Java is already there on your system or not they are most probably chances that you will have Java on your system and to check if you just have to go to command prompt.

java -version
#1 Check java version | Install JMeter Beginner Tutorial
#1 Check java version | Install JMeter Beginner Tutorial

It will show you the Java version.

Download JMeter

Now let’s suppose you have Java installed on your system so we move to step number two which is download JMeter from the internet so go to your browser and search download JMeter the very first option that we have is Apache Download Page.

Here you can see the Apache JMeter 5.1.1 (Requires Java 8+) which is the latest for now. Then click on a binary section to download the zip file. But if you’ve Java 7(apache-jmeter-3.0.zip) or 6 then you can download archive version of JMeter from here.

#2 Download JMeter | Install JMeter Beginner Tutorial
#2 Download JMeter | Install JMeter Beginner Tutorial

Unzip and keep JMeter folder at any location on your system.

Start JMeter

Now here is a little difference in Windows and Mac.

So for Windows you have to go to your JMeter folder and inside that, they will be a bin folder and inside the bin folder they will be a file called as jmeter.bat and you just have to click that bat file and JMeter will start.

#3.1 Start JMeter | Install JMeter Beginner Tutorial
#3.1 Start JMeter | Install JMeter Beginner Tutorial

Double click this bat file and it might ask you some dialog box you can run this and you can see this is actually starting jmeter and soon you will see the jmeter window coming up and you can see the home window of jmeter where we can start creating our test plans.

#3.2 First window JMeter | Install JMeter Beginner Tutorial
#3.2 First window JMeter | Install JMeter Beginner Tutorial

Okay now if you are on a Mac then the only difference is you have to go to terminal in this case you can open your terminal window and then go to jmeter and again the bin folder wherever it is and then you have to execute sh jmeter.sh

So here instead of bat file, you will have a sh file so if you go to the jmeter folder and you can see jmeter.sh is here right so instead of double-clicking here you’ve to go to terminal and start the terminal at the same location where this JMeter bin folder.

After executing the command it will do the same thing it will start the jmeter window and You can see this is the same window okay so this was the only difference in starting jmeter between Windows and Mac the rest of the things will exactly be the same because now we have the same jmeter running on both the operating systems and because it’s a java application so it platform-independent so in the coming series we are going to look at how exactly we will use jmeter configure jmeter for various kinds of performance testing hope you liked it thank you

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