Importance of SEO marketing for small businesses

No matter the size of your business SEO marketing is extremely critical. Be it McDonald’s or the small burger joint next door, it is imperative that every company invests in SEO marketing. You can build a team in-house but that may not be conducive for an MSME business so it is best to bring SEO marketing experts such as Rep India on board. With them, you will get access to the latest SEO trends, industry expertise as well as the technological and analytical tools to deliver the best results. Standalone those things may end up costing a lot and become unaffordable if you have a small business.

SEO marketing is all about bringing more leads to your website and ensuring that these leads are relevant – the focus is both on the quantity as well as the quality of visitors. SEO is not a paid process but requires certain reformation such as generating pertinent content and optimizing the website to make it user-friendly.

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SEO marketing impact lasts longer and it is an affordable form of marketing

For small businesses, extravagant marketing spends are not possible. Most marketing efforts show results as long as you keep pumping in money, SEO on the other hand takes some time to show results but the outcomes are more long-lasting. An effective SEO marketing campaign will get you to the top but then the traffic generation will be continuous and you don’t have to pay when a visitor clicks on your website. Paid campaigns such as PPC and Ad words bring in traffic till keywords are being bid on and each time someone clicks on the links it costs your company. Compared to other forms of digital marketing SEO marketing is more affordable with a longer-lasting impact. For smaller businesses, this is an economically viable option to invest in

SEO marketing increases traffic and brings relevant visitors

The entire aim of SEO marketing is to increase website footfall. Your website is already fulfilling the present need or want of a customer in search of your product or service. Chances of conversion are higher in the traffic brought in by SEO marketing. A clear example to show this is if someone is in need of runners or certain shoes they will search ‘best shoe shop in Delhi’ – the interest in the product is already there and thus when your website name appears on the first few search results, the probability of them seeing your website and buying from there is high. So not only does SEO marketing increase website visitors but ensures they are genuine with an interest in availing your services and could lead to sales.

Increased Credibility

If you have a small business, you may have limited budgets to build the kind of visibility that the larger players in your domain have done. Appearing on a search engine gives the business visibility as well as credibility. If you do not appear on a search engine, your existence is questionable. SEO marketing increases brand visibility by ensuring a higher ranking on search engines. SEO marketing also involves business listings and google my business listings which further gives your business standing.

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Enhanced user experience

The best part about SEO marketing is that it also involves activities such as a fast web loading speed, relevant content, ease of user navigation, and these activities overall impact the experience of the user on your website. Website user experience is of utmost importance, your website may appear on the top searches and you may even get a lot of clicks, but from there if your page takes too long to load or the user is unable to find relevant information in 2-3 clicks, they will leave your page. Increased bounce rate is indicative of the business going to your competitors. Small businesses already have budget limitations, so losing business to a competitor will only make things more difficult.

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