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Web design is a very important thing for every site or web project today. Well-thought design attracts the attention of your clients and represents the main information in a correct and noticeable way. It helps to highlight the main points of the information and creates the necessary atmosphere.


Web design includes different branches of works and requires a lot of skills. If you want to have as an outcome a useful and good planned site you would need to consider graphic design, fonts, interface design, and so on. We’re happy to say that 8b Simple Website Builder would be a great tool, which would help you to cover all the aspects of this work.

8b Simple Website Builder and SSL Certificate

There’s one more aspect, which is very important today, it’s the security of your future site. Moreover, it’s more important for you to promise safety for your customers. If you want to achieve reliable relationships with a visitor of a future site, you must prove and convince your clients, that they wouldn’t get any malware or lose a piece of important information, or would be robbed after visiting of your site. We’re happy to ensure you that you wouldn’t have such issues with 8b as it has SSL certificates.

SSL certificate supposes the usage of the cryptographic key. It provides security during the internet connection between a server and your browser. It’s installed on the server, helps to activate https protocol.

If you are building a website and have multiple subdomains pointing to the main domain then, a Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard is essential security for your website. It secures the data traveling between the server and the browser.

8b is a website builder, which has everything you might need during the site creation process. In 8b Simple Website Builder, you would find the dragging sections, which you can fulfill with your information. You can set in these sections images, videos, texts, icons, so you can easily create your site for several minutes. It already contains animation, design, and properly chosen fonts with colors. Also, you can use already created templates with chosen images. It’s important to mention that the application is absolutely free.

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How to make a secure website

To use 8b is super easy to learn how to make a secure website. First of all, you need to log in to the site; it would take two minutes of your time. You need to go to the 8b main page. There you would find 2 variants:  “Select here” and “Create free website”. In both cases, you would have created templates, which will help you to see the structure and better understand it. After that, you can add a section to your page. This option looks like a plus sign. Then you would see the list of the sections, which you can use in your site. By the way, you can change each section with “Section Parameters”.

In the Add Section, you can choose absolutely different options for your future site: pricing tables, articles, galleries, sliders, forms, and a lot of different sections. It’s possible to change a layout almost in every section. In layout, you can choose the elements’ location,  their colors, images, and collaborations with each other. It’s important to mention the possibility to choose the images in the Free Online Library absolutely for free. Besides, you can choose fonts for free either. So, basically, you can produce almost all the necessary transformations with your site.

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After finishing your site, you can publish your site automatically on the server with HTTPS. It takes several steps.  You would need to click on the hamburger icon in the upper left app corner of your site and choose to Publish option. After that, you would see the message with congratulations and an opportunity to connect with your domain or submit it to Google. If you would choose “Connect domain”, you would see that both fields of a domain have https://, which means that your connection will be safe. Also, you can choose Site Analytics, Google Index, Favicon, and menu logo, and of course Site Name.


After this description, you can obviously see the main benefits. It’s not necessary to know anything about the coding process and design. All you need to learn how to make a secure website is to choose the most suitable for your sections, change them in the way you want, and fulfill the content. The created site would be responsive and secure on all the devices automatically.

8b website creator is an awesome tool, which would be super useful if you want to create a landing page. Don’t hesitate to try it, 8b is totally free.

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