The Path To Admission:

After the completion of high school, every student and parents ask the same question:What next? The students have to decide the field they want to pursue their further studies in to elect for the appropriate entrance tests to gain admission to good colleges offering that course. Admission to good colleges often seems to be a lengthy, tiresome and expensive matter. However, if met with a systematic approach, it can be tackled effectively. The fundamental knowledge required for the student will be about the subject or course he/she wishes to pursue.  According to this, the student can search for colleges and their respective entrance examinations to apply. This task is made easier today because of the internet, with websites like GetMyUni present to assist the student with choosing the right course and college according to his/her interests.

The Process of Admission:

The process of admission starts with the student applying for the entrance examination by filling and submitting the application form. Once registered, the students have to follow up with the admission procedure involving obtaining the hall ticket, and registration number. The student is then required to attempt the examination under the guidelines provided at a registered exam centre. Based on his/her performance in the examination, a rank will be allotted to each student, on the basis of which College Admission takes place. The students are then called up for a counselling session which is a fundamental procedure for the student to select the college and branch of study. After the college and course is finalized, the student is expected to pay the fee for the first year of study. This completes the process of admission.

Courses Available:

Professional courses are of high demand like MBBS (Doctor) and B.Tech (Engineering); along with other courses like B.Des, MBA, and MCA etc. The former are two of the most preferred courses in India.  Students pursuing their master’s degree find MBA and M.Tech/MS as an attractive option. In India, Students can find Good MBA Colleges in Delhi, Karnataka, and Hyderabad. People always chase admission in government run colleges because of the prestige, quality of education and fee structure. The student should look at all the possible choices before making a decision regarding the college based on various factors including quality of education, history and reputation of the college, facilities etc.

Important Information about Admission:

Admission process is something which should be done with the utmost patience and focus from the candidate. Many rules and reservation quotas are specified regarding the admission procedure. If the rules are not followed or the eligibility criteria required for the candidate in question is not met, then the student can proceed with admission. Admission to top colleges and government colleges like IITs and AIIMS are particularly hard and thus might require the student to obtain very high ranks to apply for a seat. The students should prepare adequately and practice to attempt within the given time limit to have a shot at the competitive examinations. Some entrance examinations are restricted to a particular number of attempts and some others don’t abide by such restrictions.


By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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