Five Must-Have Gadgets for Every Hipster in Your Life

Everyone knows a hipster. They’re that one friend who always has to shun mainstream trends just because they’re popular and who always needs to deck their outfits up with the up-and-coming yet still relatively unknown gadgets.

Though hipsters pride themselves on being trendsetters, a couple of tech news may sometimes pass by their radar. In that case, it’s your job as their friend to help them stay abreast on the latest releases.

That said, here are a few must-have gadgets that your hipster friend may not yet have heard of.

Smart Typewriter

Many a hipster loves to blog. They love to write their thoughts on any topic that interests them and influence the trends. However, because they’re surrounded by a dozen devices at a time, they’re prone to distractions, because that’s what being constantly connected to the internet will give you.

Thus, get them a portable smart typewriter! It’s a typewriter that automatically saves drafts to a preferred cloud service (i.e., Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc.). However, it does not come with web browsers and games and apps, so one can write and write and write without the temptation of these diversions.

Plus, it’s the new thing in town and one that hasn’t yet breached into the mainstream, so your hipster friend will appreciate it even more.

Smart Gas Grill

Most hipsters also like to eat organic, gluten-free food. However, even hipsters need a good barbecue every once in a while.

Going on the same pattern of smart devices, here’s a phone-friendly gas grill. Through a mobile app, you can remotely monitor the temperature, set a timer, or follow guided cook recipes.

Find necessary hi-tech product easy and comfortable on

On that last one, the app guides you through a step-by-step process, even signaling you when to flip the food. You can choose recipes for beef, chicken, pork, or turkey as well as the thickness and doneness of your food.

Plus, it uses infrared technology to prevent flare-ups from burning whatever’s cooking. Even one who hasn’t tried cooking yet can grill a meal without worrying about causing a fire or burning the meat.

Smart Lighting

Yet another smart gadget, smart lighting allows one to turn on or off the lights using one’s phone. Though this tech isn’t entirely new, it’s also not that widely used yet. However, recent systems now use Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth. So as long as users can connect to the internet, they can access their lights even when they’re not at home, even when they’re halfway around the world.

Most smart lighting systems have a “home hub” that lets one control every smart bulb. Some brands even have options for adjusting the brightness of the lights.

With a smart lighting system installed in your house, you no longer have to get up, stumble in the dark, and reach for the switch to turn on the lights; instead, you only have to fumble with your phone and flick an app to do that. That’s a life that should appeal to any hipster.

Smart Home Security System

Of course, with all that expensive tech in one place, it’s bound to attract unwanted attention, especially if your gadget-riddled hipster friend lives alone.

So help them keep their house safe with a smart home security system. A good smart home should start with one of these. Otherwise, one’s accumulated gadgets can get stolen and their home vandalized.

Typically, such a system includes detectors and cameras that can feed info to the owner’s phone. Alarms and smart door locks can also be added for further guarantee of a safe home.


Of course, every hipster should have a smartphone. This shouldn’t even need to be mentioned, but in case your friend isn’t updated on the newest model, then let them know what the best phones in the market are right now.

They’re going to need a good phone if they’re planning to use some of the other gadgets on this list as well as those not mentioned. Smart devices often require a smartphone for all their features to be used fully, and it helps if the phone is a powerful one so it can be compatible with multiple gadgets.

Notice How Almost Everything Here’s Smart?

Yes, smart devices are the recent trend in technology. In fact, the word smart before any object should get any hipster giddy. Just like when the first smartphones came out, it was the hipsters who jumped into that trend first.

But it’s understandable why hipsters love gadgets like these. They make life convenient. They decrease the time to do mundane chores, allowing you to focus your time and energy on more worthwhile pursuits.

Homes in the future will likely be filled with smart devices that can be remotely operated from a phone.




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