Different types of bitcoin wallets – Explained!

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that you can store online and use to make online payments. There are several cryptocurrencies, but bitcoin is the biggest one if we talk about the market cap. It is entirely digital and is also stored digitally in special virtual lockers known as bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin wallets are digital safe lockers in which you can store bitcoin and also make bitcoin transactions from it.

There are several aspects of bitcoin, but bitcoin wallet is the most important one as, without a bitcoin wallet, you cannot access and use your bitcoins. There are different types of bitcoin wallets, and each one of them offers varying features, and you must choose the one that suits you the most. To make the right decision, you need to know about all the different types of bitcoin wallets. You can work from home to learn more about bitcoin trading. Some of the most popular types of bitcoin wallets are as follows.


Hardware wallet 

The first type of bitcoin wallet that you need to know about is a hardware wallet. It is a type of hardware device in which you can store bitcoins and use them to make quick bitcoin transactions. Hardware wallets are like a flash drive, which has a small screen to use different features, and you can use the buttons on the side to navigate through various options. It is the safest way to store bitcoins and private keys as you can carry it everywhere with you.

A hardware Bitcoin wallet may cost around $60-$160, which a bit expensive but the safety and convenience it offers is completely worth it. You can use these hardware wallets to store cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin too.

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Paper bitcoin wallet 

Paper bitcoin wallet is a paper-based wallet, and if you are using it, then you need to be highly careful. It is a piece of paper on which the private keys are printed along with the public addresses. It is a bit risky as if you misplace the paper, then anyone can misuse the private keys. It stores the keys offline, and you can carry it along. It is quite easy to use, which is the primary reason behind its popularity. You need to have some technical knowledge and extra care while using it.

Desktop wallets

It is another convenient and efficient type of bitcoin wallet that you can access on your desktop via the Internet. If you are planning to use desktop wallets, then there are some requirements that you need to fulfill, such as a stable Internet connection and good Antivirus on your computer. There is a wide range of desktop bitcoin wallets that you can use to store bitcoins and make transactions. If you are taking all the protective measures, then it is a highly secure bitcoin wallet. 

Mobile bitcoin wallets 

If we talk about accessibility and convenience, then no bitcoin wallets can beat mobile wallets. Everyone uses mobile phones nowadays, which makes mobile wallets easy to use and highly compatible. You can access these wallets anytime through your mobile phone, which allows you to make bitcoin transactions anytime as no matter where you are, you will be carrying your mobile phone. 

The interface of these wallets is quite user-friendly, which makes it quite easy to use and enhances the user experience to a great extent. If you are looking for a bitcoin wallet with a simple user interface and fantastic features, then there is no better option than mobile wallets. You need to have an Internet connection to use these wallets.

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Web-based wallets

These bitcoin wallets are based on the Internet and are always connected to it. You can use different browsers to access these bitcoin wallets as you need to put the URL, and the browsers will take you to the wallet. The private keys of these wallets are stored in the browser, which makes it a bit unsecure as browsers are open to risks such as hacking. 

There are two types of web wallets; non-hosted wallets and hosted wallets. If you want to enjoy an excellent level of security, then you must go for non-hosted wallets as it offers you complete control over your funds. Hosted wallets have a risk of being hacked, which makes them risky.

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