Commercial Air Compressor

You would always want to choose such an air compressor which suits your job scopes. If you are looking for commercial air compressors, then you should keep things in mind to select the best one. In case you don’t choose the best one or doesn’t have the capacity to complete your industrial tasks, that it is unable to complete the assigned job then that would be quite disappointing as well as it would be a total waste of money. Thus, if you wish to choose the best compressor then you should follow a few tips. These tips will surely help you to choose the most suitable air compressor.


Here are a few tips for choosing the best commercial air compressor:

Check the capacity:

The capacity of commercial air compressors is influenced by a number of factors. So, you must check these factors before you choose the compressor. This is essential as that will ensure that your new air compressor can carry out the task you are planning.  In order to determine the capacity tank size, PSI value and compressor motor power are some of the values that you must check. If you plan to use all the tools at the same time, the compressor must have a rating of 27 or more. If you are in search of such a compressor that you are going to use several times a week then select a compressor with a 50/50 duty cycle, such as portable cast iron or contractor compressor it will work well. Similarly, for daily commercial or industrial use, you have to select an air compressor with a higher duty cycle. Some examples of such compressors are high performance cast iron, single stage, two stage, or rotary screw compressors. You should also check that the air tools that need a larger air consumption will require a larger air compressor to operate properly. This is a very essential factor that you must consider for selecting a compressor.

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Check the power source:

Air compressors get their power from different sources. Though you have to check the power source of the air compressor that you want to buy before confirming. Although electric air compressors are quite popular there are air compressors which are driven with other power sources.  Some examples of other power compressors are petrol engine driven air compressors and diesel air compressors. So, you have to first find out which source is available for you and then make the choice of compressor that you want to purchase. Now comes the power of the compressors. The Portable compressors usually operate on 115-volt, 15-amp circuits. Whereas some single-stage compressors and some large portable compressors operate on 230-volt, that is single-phase power. It has been found that the two-stage air compressors that are 10 hp and larger operate on three-phase power only, while 5 hp and 7.5 hp two-stage compressors are available for single-phase and three-phase power. If you don’t have any electrical power available in your industry then a gas air compressor is required.

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Select the right manufacturer:

Now, when you have already checked the capacity and power sources of your air compressor then it is essential to buy it from a reputed manufacturer. You should always check the brand name and manufacturer of the air compressor before making the choice. Apart from that, you should choose the manufacturer who gives a warranty and has a very good after sales service. If you are purchasing a commercial air compressor then after sales service is really important.  

When you choose the manufacturer and compressor brand for your business then it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer who is in the market for years and has enough experience in this field. You can also read reviews and check for recommendations of the people who have already used commercial air compressors for their industrial purpose. These reviews and recommendations are really helpful as that would help you to make the right selection and you are able to choose a quality air compressor brand.

These are some of the tips that are very helpful in the process of choosing a commercial air compressor.  Air compressors are used for a wide range of jobs in the industry. Your choice completely depends on the role it will be playing. Thus, the application the air compressors decide its types. Some tools may require more air than others so you must take proper steps to find the appropriate air compressor based upon your tools.

Therefore, according to if you have plans to expand the industry in the near future and your usage of air compressors is going to increase then you should buy the next larger air compressor than it is required now. These tips will surely help in making the best choice of commercial air compressors.

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